Dazed Dorothy – Bespoke Leather Bags – For the Bride or Wedding Party/Guest

All of us are a wee bit Carrie Bradshaw , and while that young lady is all about the shoes, some of us are all about the bags, so today I am delighted to share some stunning bespoke leather bags from the fabulously talented Corinne of Dazed Dorothy.



Dazed Dorothy specialises in Charming & Exquisite wedding accessories.

Occasion bags & accompanying frivolities can be made exclusively for client to assist in making them fabulous on that special day whether they are the Blushing Bride to Be, Elegant Mother of the Bride or Groom, a Beautiful Bridesmaid or a Delighted Guest…

I had a chat to Edinburgh based Corinne to find out all about her Wedding Collections and other bespoke creations suitable for guests, bridesmaids or the stylish girl about town.

Who are you, and what do you do ?

“I’m Corinne Robinson & I run ‘Dazed Dorothy’ a  bespoke leather bags & accessories business.”

“I design & make a range of clutch bags, handbags, purses & belts as well as creating bespoke leather bags for special occasions & weddings.”

Why, and When did you start your Business?

“I started Dazed Dorothy in 2008.  I had begun using leather & creating small accessories whilst completing my degree in Multi Media Textiles.”

“After graduating I did a work placement in Amsterdam for a textiles company and the owner really inspired me to work for myself.”

“I loved creating something which was practical yet eyecatching and a bit of a talking point! I can be something of a Drama Queen!”

What inspires you?

“I find my inspiration everywhere! A prime source of inspiration are carousels & vintage couture – I adore the fabulous shapes, colours & patterns.”

“Often a tin of vintage buttons will inspire a whole collection & of course I love Red shoes so I always have various red bags in stock!”

” It’s really inspiring to get to know my clients & hear the beautiful stories behind the trinkets or fabric swatches that they want to have incorporated into a bespoke leather bag.”

“The need to preserve these sentimental items for customers drives me to make the most fabulous accessories for them.”

Do trends influence the products you create?

“I tend to create bags & accessories using embellishments & shapes which I hope can be considered timeless, which can be treasured & used for a long time, so I’m not strongly influenced by fashion trends.”

“But certainly the demand for particular colours & the size of bags are often influenced by seasonal or celebrity trends.”

“I have certainly seen an increase in the number of brides looking for accessories to match lace wedding dresses following the Royal Wedding!”

Whats your Greatest achievement ?

“I think simply being able to create a successful business & make a living from it so that I am able to do what I love every single day & provide clients with really personal pieces that they can love in the process!”

Whats the future for Dazed Dorothy?

“The future is still creating fabulous bespoke leather bags & accessories and probably expanding the range of accessories I offer.”

“I would love to produce larger, extremely practical bags for daytime. I hope one day to have a bricks and mortar shop to work from, where people can visit & be surrounded by fun & exciting accessories!”

“Although selling via the internet has been great, nothing can beat picking up lovely things and seeing these tactile accessories for yourself!”


For The Bride





For the Wedding Guest












Corinne also has some ideas and inspiration for bespoke leather bags for your Wedding Party…

For the Bride:

Have sentimental buttons or a piece of jewellery passed down from a relative incorporated into your bridal bag. This will cover the ‘old’ from: ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’. Or you may opt to have your lining made of blue silk to cover your ‘something blue’.

Have your new surname embroidered inside your unique wedding bag; other ideas include your wedding date, a special quote or a cute phrase such as ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed Something Blue’ or ‘Blushing Bride’.

Mother of the Bride Bag:

When choosing a beautiful leather bag to match your shoes why not colour match the interior of your bag too; have it lined with the same fabric from which your dress or ensemble is being made.

Bridesmaids Bags:

Bespoke bags for the bridesmaids make beautiful keepsakes to say thank you for helping to make your day special as well as providing a practical yet fabulous addition to their outfits on the big day!

Leather Dying:

A leather dying service for a perfect colourmatch is also available. Please contact for further information and pricing of this service.

For group wedding orders please allow a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the wedding to place your order.


Thanks so much to Corinne for sharing her exquisite creations. So often bags for Weddings can be so very samey and sometimes its just a wee bit cool to have something a bit alternative and also extrordinarily beautiful.

And they are not just for Weddings, Corinne creates some pretty special bags that can be a talking point at any Event or just because..


To Contact Dazed Dorothy


Website: http://www.dazeddorothy.co.uk/wedding.htm

Email: corinne@dazeddorothy.co.uk

Phone: 07791846430

Blog: http://dazeddorothy.tumblr.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dazeddorothyofficial

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dazeddorothy


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