Digital Invites from Paperless Wedding – An Eco Friendly Solution

Today I am delighted to introduce Paperless Wedding who offer an eco friendly solution to your invite needs by creating beautiful digital invites with matching wedding websites.

Whilst I am a fan of paper pretty most of the time, I also see a place for new innovations and choice.


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I had a chat with Emma Taylor to find out about this expanding enterprise…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Emma and I own Paperless Wedding.”

“Our company offers an eco friendly solution to your invite needs by creating digital invites.”

“I worked closely with designers and developers to get the site up and running, and it runs over 2 continents.”

“I am also a blogger, tweeter , Facebooker and a full time mum.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“We started the company, unofficially, when we got married back in 2008.”

“Then we moved to New Zealand, which is where my husband wrote the original code and our talented friend Ruari McDowall came up with the logo and original design of the site.”

“Then to Australia and we launched there too in 2010.”

“Returning home in 2012 we decided to take a break (insert have a beautiful little girl!) and in 2014 we launched with new code and design ready for the much bigger UK market.”

“We went digital for a number of reasons.”

“We had friends all over the world that we wanted invite and cost was a factor.”

“Online was so much easier and much more interactive.”

“People could feel part of our event no matter where they were.”

“We could share lots more information about the day, venue, surrounding area etc. Saving money was our number one reason really. I could not say I was a true eco bride!”


What inspires you?

“I am inspired by successful businesswomen who manage to juggle a busy job, with raising their family too.”

“I know you can do it if you prioritise, manage your time and take time out to relax….I struggle with the last bit.”


Do trends influence your work?

“Trends very much influence Paperless Wedding.”

“We need to keep up with themes (vintage, retro, festival etc) that are fashionable.”

“We make sure we have a design that is perfect for each wedding or something they can adapt to make perfect.”

“We also need to be able to keep up with technology.”

“We need to make sure our system can share across social media platforms and work on integrating with gift registries and photo sharing companies. The possibilities are endless!”


What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievements are running Paperless Wedding in Australia, New Zealand and now in the UK!”

“Personally I found an amazing husband and now have an incredible little girl. You can’t ask for more!”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I want to work develop links with paper stationery designers so we can offer matching websites to their print designs and vice versa.”

“If a couple wants paper they will always go to a stationer but they still might want a website so it could be a perfect partnership.”

“We also want to appeal to as many couples as possible we need to have a good cross section of quality designs.”

“This will be my priority over the next few months.”


Bunting on hearts , paperless wedding, digital invites, digital wedding invitation, eco friendly

Hard at work, eco friendly, paperless wedding, digital invites, digital wedding invitation


Thank you so much for Papeless Wedding for sharing their briliant digital invites.

My view is that we are all individual and digital and paper can work well side by side.

With couples busy lives and sometimes with families scattered across the world, this is a pretty, economical and environment protecting alternative.


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