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As a lady we all like to feel fabulous and we all have our Diva side lurking within us, combine the two and you have Diva Fabulous, an online bridal and accessories boutique based in my fair city of Glasgow.


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I spoke to head Diva Lisa to find out all about this sparkly new Business,


Who are you, and what do you do? 

“Diva Fabulous is an online bridal and accessories boutique.  We sell bridal headpieces, fine and costume jewellery and jewelled bouquets all sourced from the UK.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“I launched Diva Fabulous in February 2013 and started because when I was getting married a couple of years ago, I struggled to find good quality accessories that were also affordable.”

“I have a genuine love of all things fabulous and glamorous and it made sense to me to collect them all and put them on sale for everyone to enjoy.”

“I have very high standards and have only sought out the best suppliers.  If I wouldn’t wear it, it won’t be sold on the site.”

What inspires you? 

“I love making people happy.”

“The fact they are buying their accessories from me and allowing my pieces to be part of their special day is something I take very seriously.”

“It’s an honour and I want them to be delighted with whatever they purchase and have that ‘Wow’ moment, every time they put it on.”

Do trends influence the products you stock/ service your provide? 

“Occasionally, as a business you can’t afford to ignore a trend if it has a big influence, ie the ‘Gatsby’ influence was huge, so vintage took over this year, but overall classic items are timeless so I tend to go with my gut instinct, it’s working so far…”

What is your greatest achievement? 

“Personally, my greatest achievement is the way my twin 13 year old boys are turning out, they’re becoming fab young men in the making.”

“From a business point of view, I am very proud of Diva Fabulous, it’s only beginning but I can see the potential and it’s exciting.”

“I’m still working full time in my ‘day job’ where I hold a management position with a national utility company, but my heart is with Diva Fabulous.”

What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“In the next five years, my first aim is to be nominated for a VOW’s award.”

“I want to be able to leave the ‘day job’ and be able to focus on the business completely.  Mainly, though, my goal is that Diva Fabulous becomes a company that is known for great service, beautiful pieces and is the first name that girls think of when they need something ‘fabulous’ to wear.”


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Diva Fabulous would also like to offer readers a 10% discount if they Quote: fab10 at the checkout.

Thanks so much to Lisa for sharing. Her Philosophy is once you become a Diva you won’t want to be anything else and I think that rings quite true, everyone needs a bit of fabulous in their life.


To Contact Diva Fabulous 

Website: http://www.divafabulous.co.uk/shop/

Email: sales@divafabulous.co.uk

Blog: http://divafabulousxx.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divafabulous2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/divafabulousxx


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