Elegant and Luxurious Laser Cut Wedding Stationery from Mr Yen Designs

Today I am delighted to spotlight on the elegant and luxurious laser Cut Wedding Stationery designs of Mr Yen.

Qualified in graphic design, and with an obsession for all things paper combined with six years of experience creating beautiful bespoke paper cuts, it is Jonathan Chapmans aim to create the clients ideal wedding stationery.

He is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Ornate-Invite, Mr Yen Designs


I hand over to Jonathan to tell you about the Brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello! My name is Jonathan and I create luxurious laser cut wedding stationery under the name Mr Yen Designs.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I started creating hand cut paper cut art work in 2009 during my final year at University and started my business in early 2010 before finishing University.”

“I developed my ideas, techniques and products over the years and have always sought out a way to create something that either made a difference to someone or had an impact and this led me to creating my first range of laser cut wedding stationery.”

“I love being able to create something for such a personal and momentous occasion that reflects a couple and means so much to them.”

“I take great pride and pleasure in helping brides choose which designs would suit their wedding theme or budget, which colours would look best and generally helping them through the difficult design decisions so they will have a completed range of stationery which gives a lasting impact for their day.”


What inspires you?

“When I start designing new products, ranges of stationery or just want to feel inspired, the first thing I do is to go for a walk in nature.”

“The details, textures and colours are all I need for inspiration.”

“I do get inspired by other things too, it just seems that nature is my go to source for when I need ideas.”

“I think it’s something about the way that certain colours and tones work so well, mixed with all the tiny little details you would never really notice to stop and take in.”

“Plus I think texture has a huge influence on my work.”

“Paper cut art and designs have such an amazing textural quality and as soon as you see them you want to pick them up and feel the paper.”

“I think is so important when designing as the design has to be delicate enough for you to want to touch it, yet stable enough to be handled and placed in an envelope.”

“I think having a texture in mind when designing wedding stationery is needed because I think it’s important it that your designs stimulates your senses – both sight and touch.”

“I really do feel this creates more of an experience than just printed stationery and something that your guests will remember.”

“You can order samples of my wedding stationery here –   Mr Yen.”


Do trends influence your work?

“When it comes to trends, I do think they influence me slightly but only if I think they have staying power.”

“Sure, sometimes things that are on trend will be asked to be worked into a design, but I do think that some trends can look quite dated unless they have that certain timeless quality to them.”

“With my ranges of laser cut wedding stationery, I’ve tried to incorporate designs and ideas that I feel will be timeless and I’m always willing to adapt designs to suit couples if they want specific elements in their invitations.”

“I do feel there are certain trends that we see year after year, such as florals in spring for example, but I think these are the kind of ‘trends’ that having staying power as they are on trend year after year in some form or other.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement in my career so far was having the opportunity to design for Oprah magazine.”

“I worked alongside the art director and photo editor to create several paper cut pieces to be featured in the Valentines edition of the magazine in January last year.”

“The deadlines were short, the work was incredibly detailed and everything had to be shipped out by next day delivery to New York, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so excited to create something for Oprah magazine!”

“You can see all the details and hand cut paper cut pieces I produced – Oprah.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would love to see my business develop to have a huge range of laser cut options available for couples, with a variety of materials and techniques being available.”

“I love creating completely bespoke designs too, so would love the opportunity to work on more of these.”


Mr Yen Designs, Nautical-Invite

Mr Yen Designs, Blush -ThankYou

Mr Yen Designs, Monochrome-Save-The-Date

Mr Yen Designs, Ornate-RSVP

Mr Yen Designs, Monochrome-ThankYou

Mr Yen Designs, Rustic-Invite


Thank you so much to Jonathan for sharing his beautiful work.

Such artistry making a striking statement.


To Contact Mr Yen

Website: http://www.mr-yen.com

Email: mryen@mr-yen.com

Phone: 07585610761

Blog: http://mr-yen.com/blog/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MrYenDesigns

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/MrYenDesigns


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