Embrace the Wedding-y goodness with Wedding Stationery from Whippy Weddings

Today I am thrilled to embrace all of the Wedding-y goodness with Wedding Stationery from Whippy Weddings.

When I find new and exciting paper pretty I get a wee bit giddy, and these colourful designs deliver the fabulous on a huge scale.


Rainbow_Range, wedding stationery, whippy designs, whippy weddings


I had a wee chat to the lovely Jennie Whittaker to find out all about the Brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello, I’m Jennie, owner of Whippy Weddings, in charge of making awesome Wedding stationery for awesome brides & grooms.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I’ve been tinkering in design since around the 00′s.”

“I went to Kent University for 3 years to study Multimedia Technology & Design with a minor in partying!”

“I’ve been designing cards and stationery for around 7 years but it’s only recently i’ve decided to take the plunge and make it an official part of my life!”

“I originally started out selling personalised greetings cards and prints in November 2012 under the title of Whippy Designs.”

“My love of all things wedding soon got to me and early this year I decided to officially launch Whippy Weddings and embrace the wedding-y goodness!”


What inspires you?

“Or more so what doesn’t…. I’m inspired by everything, I have to carry a teeny notebook around for those moments I’m inspired by an odd quirk in a building or a song lyric or a line in a book!”

“I’m a mega geek and so my love of comics and sci-fi come across in a lot of my designs!”


Do trends influence your work?

“I can’t say I’ve ever consciously looked at trends, my designs are different on purpose.”

“I wanted to create things that you wouldn’t necessarily see out there already, and that’s why no two themes are similar with my invitation ranges, there’s a lot of crazy ideas rocking around in my head!”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Ooooh greatest achievement… now there is a toughie!”

“I must say getting the Whippy Weddings range designed, printed and ready for photoshoot whilst holding down a full time job and wrestling a toddler has been pretty epic!”

“Seeing the photo’s at the end was just A-MAZE-ING and I’ve made some fantastic supplier buddies in the process!”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I love happy couples!”

“Nothing makes me happier then receiving exciting, squealy messages pop up in my inbox from happy couples receiving their invitations, and in true soppy style I want to spread that love around!”

“Everyone needs some Whippy wedding stationery  in their lives!”

“I’m hoping to add more ranges over the next year and take on more bespoke designs, seeing ideas transformed into real life designs is such a buzz!”


Cinematic Range


Cinematic_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Comic Range


Comic_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Glitter Range


Glitter_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Infographic Range 


Infographic_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Love fest Range 


Lovefest_Range, wedding stationery, whippy weddings, whippy designs


Love  rocks Range


LoveRocks_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Rainbow Range


Rainbow_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


School Sweethearts Range


School Sweethearts_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Steampunk Range


Steampunk_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Telegram Range


Telegram_Range, whippy weddings , whippy design, wedding stationery


Watercolour Range


Watercolour_Range, whippy weddings, whippy designs, wedding stationery


Thank you so much to Jennie for sharing her amazing Wedding stationery with us today.

I am a bit of a sucker for fabulous stationery as who doesn’t want to recieve something so creative with just a touch of the quirky.


To Contact Whippy Weddings

Website: http://www.whippy-weddings.co.uk/

Email: jennie@whippy-weddings.co.uk

Blog: http://www.whippy-weddings.co.uk/blog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhippyWeddings

Twitter: https://twitter.com/whippyweddings

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/WhippyWeddings/


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