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Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the stunning work of Emily Wisher, an artisan florist and gardener based in Staffordshire.

Her botanic arrangements have a signature informality inspired by wild English meadows and woodland glades.

An Art History graduate, she brings a unique stylistic context to her tablescapes and posies, often incorporating decorative objects or natural materials gathered herself in the countryside surrounding her Whittington studio.

Emily grows her own flowers and works as a consultant on other cutting garden projects.


Artisan Floristry , Emily Wisher, Weddings, Events


I spoke to Emily to find out all about her blossoming Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Emily Wisher and owner of Emily Wisher Artisan Florist.”

“I offer something a little different to a normal florist- I am a florist and a flower grower.”

“So my business has a huge empathsis on seasonality and I use English flowers (grown by us or local growers) in the majority of my work. My style is very naturalistic and loose with an untamed twist.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I started my company earlier this year, though I had spent years doing freelance work and growing my own flowers.”

“It was growing my own that made me decided I wanted to do something a little different from the traditional style of floristry.”

“My work is inspired by nature and informed by sustainability and style.”

“We strive for a beautiful handmade aesthetic using blooms that reflect the season.”

“Where possible the flowers and foliages used are grown by us in our cutting garden, otherwise I use my established network of skilled British flower growers – we try to keep imported flower use to a minimum.”

“This is because I wanted to deliver flowers which colour an event with scent and a luminous beauty.”

“From jugs of Bluebells in the Spring to Summer Roses and Narcissi from the Scilly Isles through the midwinter months, brides and grooms have responded to the seasonal nature of the flowers and often the memories they evoke.”


What inspires you?

“The change in Seasons. As a flower grower, I’m obsessed by the weather!”

“At the close of each Season I often feel a little wistful, but it’s only momentary, before our cutting garden turns and sweeps me along into it’s next phase.”


Do trends influence your work?

“Nostalgia and Romance influence my work.”

“My work is rooted in a much more naturalistic style which is associated with the greatest of all florists (in my opinion!), Constance Spry.”

“Her work is a sonnet to each season and this is where we draw inspiration – no shimmery seed pod or clematis trail is safe when we are out cutting!”

“Neither do I reject plant and flower material for the slightest imperfection or a bendy stem, instead my work celebrates these variations and I hope what is created is spontaneous as a result – the garden guided gently into a vase.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“I am very proud of our workshop program.”

“The aim is to show people how to create something beautiful and understand how to incorporate material from their own garden, the aim is to make flowers something that are for the everyday not just a special occasion.”

“In the name of spreading the flowery love, we were recently featured in Wedding magazine for our ‘Grow your Own Wedding’ course.”

“On these days we show green fingered couples (and often as many helpers as they can lay their hands on!) how to grow their wedding flowers and a few basic arrangement techniques.”

“The results have so far been astonishing – it’s lovely to help bring people’s vision to life.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I think our future is very much in line with our start. Keeping our focus on seasonality and singing the praises of English grown flowers to our couples.”

“I think there is a timelessness to country garden flowers – our mantra is loose and wild but always chic.”

“This Summer, we hosted our first Hen parties making floral crowns and they have been so popular!”

“They seem to be just what people have been looking for- something a bit different, sitting down with all your friends and creating something gorgeous – whilst drinking champers and having a homemade afternoon tea – I am always tempted to join in!”


 Emily Wisher, Artisan Florist , Weddings , Events

 Emily Wisher, Artisan Florist, Weddings, Events

 Emily Wisher,  Artisan Florist,  Weddings, Events

 Emily Wisher , Artisan Florist,  Weddings,  Events

 Emily Wisher, Artisan Florist, Weddings, Events

 Emily Wisher, Artisan Florist, Weddings, Events

 Emily Wisher, Artisan Florist, Weddings,  Events

 Emily Wisher , Artisan Florist , Weddings, Events

 Emily Wisher,  Artisan Florist , Weddings, Events


Thank you to Emily for sharing her incredible creativity and gorgeous designs.

I love the unstructured and rustic quality to the blooms as though just freshly picked.

Not fussy or overstyled but just so beautiful.


To Contact Emily Wisher Artisan Florist 

Website: http://www.emilywisherartisanflorist.co.uk/

Email: hello@emilywisher.co.uk

Phone: 07962 913 351

Blog: http://www.emilywisherartisanflorist.co.uk/category/hello/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilywisherartisanflorist

Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/emywish


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