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Today I am delighted to shine the spotlight on  the Green Wedding Boutique who specialise in bespoke ethically designed Eco Weddings and Events.

As well as a  Styling and Planning Service they provide ethically sourced flowers, table decorations and chair covers, invitations and websites to Eco conscious couples in Bristol and the surrounding areas.


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I hand over to Rachel Mills to tell you more….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello, I’m Rachel, the Bristol based creative behind ethical and eco wedding company Green Wedding Boutique.”

“I offer bespoke eco wedding consultancy, styling & coordination services to create beautiful & memorable green weddings. I create eco friendly weddings for couples in Bristol and Bath and the surrounding areas.”

“I provide couples with guidance on eco venues, wedding suppliers and wedding planning to help enable them to create a beautiful and memorable green wedding that doesn’t cost the earth.”

“Working with clients on an individual basis, giving them the opportunity to pick and choose from our comprehensive range of services to suit them and their wedding budget.”

“I offer an on the morning styling service to complete the finishing touches at wedding venues.”

“Couples can choose to hire me to design bespoke Wedding Invites using recycled paper printed using eco inks or online einvites.”

“My Wedding websites celebrate the wedding day and can act as a lasting memento bringing together family and friends before, during and after the special day.”

“Our floristry is also eco- friendly we work with local flower growers and flower farms to provide Floristry and Floral styling that is beautifully british and seasonal.”

“I love creating bespoke eco wedding Decorations for hire or to buy.”

“To finish of the service we also hire and fit traditional wedding Chair covers. Our chair covers are unique in that we launder them with eco washing liquid.”

“I have extensive environmental knowledge that I apply practically to eco weddings of all sizes.”

“With my breadth of experience in photography, web design, graphics, illustration and animation and skills in Floristry I can provide a uniquely comprehensive creative styling service.”

“My green ethos is practical and we take a pragmatic approach to creating eco weddings, whether clients are aiming for a wedding that is considerate to the environment and sustainable or a celebration that aims to have minimal impact at all. We work with all shades of green.”

“I have a wealth of experience in both design and project management that I bring to my wedding business. I help couples plan, design, style and ultimately enjoy a green wedding.”

“I can utilise my digital skills to help couples plan online wedding albums, collect photos of their day with hash tags or through photo apps, create wedding websites and invites that match the theme of their day.”

“I also create bespoke hand crafted wedding decorations; paper and shola flower bouquets, buttonholes, flower garlands that last a lifetime to remind you of your glorious day.”

“Finishing touches can include handmade embroidery hoops, table numbers, seating plans, centrepieces, paper flower confetti and matching photo mini pegs.”

“With my experience in design and project management I am well versed in directing design projects and can brief other wedding suppliers and artisans and crafters to create other bespoke eco pieces.”

“I have read widely on environmental issues and believe that like other aspects of our lives weddings should not be throw away.”

“I believe that everyone is unique and not everyone is the same shade of green. I listen to clients to see what they want to achieve for their wedding day and help them create their ideal day.”

“I have a strong green ethos that is put into practice in both the planning and styling of weddings and in the way I live day to day.”

“I think good design and eco conscious values go hand in hand together.”


ethically designed weddings, eco weddings, green weddings, green wedding boutique


When and why did you start your Company?

“I started planning my own wedding in 2012 and realised early on that my partner and I didn’t want a traditional wedding.”

“At the time we couldn’t find wedding decorations that were exactly to our taste. We wanted something unique, hand crafted and in keeping with the way we lived the rest of our lives.”

“We try to be eco conscious in all aspects of our lives and wanted our wedding to be the same.”

“As a couple we are both very practical and hands on so our wedding was very DIY. I enjoy organising others and projects, it comes very naturally to me.”

“My professional project management experience came in very useful for planning our wedding.”

“However we had every detail organised and decided in less than 3 months and I had lots of eco wedding ideas that we couldn’t fit into our wedding.”

“After the wedding I wanted to set up my own green wedding business to give me the opportunity to share my ideas with others.”

“We tried to grow our own wedding flowers for our wedding and the idea of a natural, locally sourced wedding company offering eco wedding advice, styling and floristry sprung from there.”

“I started Green Wedding Boutique last year initially hiring out decorative items; bunting, jam jars, mason jars, centrepieces, candle holders, string lights and blackboards and signage.”

“The popularity of these items gave us the incentive to take the business further and begin to create bespoke decorative pieces.”

“It’s great to see the rise in popularity for eco weddings. It’s great being a part of this. In particular over the last 3 years more and more couples are getting married and having receptions in yurts, eco Venues and woodland inspired weddings are very on trend.”

“More people are choosing british seasonal flowers, seasonal food, eco decorations and handmade seasonal produce as favours.”

“Vintage trends also mean that more people are recycling, repurposing dresses and venue decorations. In a lot of cases being eco friendly is also budget savvy.”

“Eating seasonal food at your wedding can mean that the price is lower for you and your caterers.”

“I strongly believe that it is important for couples to consider the environmental impact of their wedding.”

“We are all aware that the earths resources are finite and that we need to take better care of our planet. A Wedding day should be a time to cherish those we love and the world we live in.”

“If you are feeling inspired to create your eco wedding look for local eco wedding suppliers in your area. There’s some great directories showcasing eco suppliers have a look at Green Union and The Natural Wedding Company.


ethically designed weddings, eco weddings, green weddings, green wedding boutique


What inspires you?

“I take inspiration from the tactile quality of a natural material or a botanical illustration or a beautiful photo of the natural world.”

“Each wedding is uniquely created to the clients brief. I take inspiration from our client’s life’s, their hobbies, interests, passions and families. Inspiration also comes from other eco businesses and wedding suppliers, artisans and craft makers.”

“I love working with flowers and foliage to create botanically inspired decorations and enjoy being in touch with nature.”

The fragrance and colours of British flowers are beautiful and keep me in touch with the seasons. Colours of flowers usually spark ideas for decorative items and wedding stationery.”


ethically designed weddings, eco weddings, green weddings, green wedding boutique


Do trends influence your work?

“I am influenced by trends in colour through Fashion and interior styling.”

“However my imagination is captivated more by what nature has to offer, the wealth and variety of British seasonal flowers, nature, the seasons, crafts, art, and design.”

“I use Pinterest wedding inspiration boards to gage what people are finding appealing.”

“For example if I was creating a venue theme based on Woodland I tend to look to literature and paintings and nature itself to be inspired after initially browsing Pinterest.”


ethically designed weddings, eco weddings, green weddings, green wedding boutique


What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement is yet to come but maybe it will tie a close first with marrying Mr Green Wedding Boutique my fantastic supportive and loyal husband.”

“He works alongside me delivering wedding decorations, setting up at weddings and creating items in wood for hire or to buy. It’s great being married to a Green builder and carpenter.”


ethically designed weddings, eco weddings, green weddings, green wedding boutiq


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“My plan for now and the future is to encourage more couples to consider the environmental and ethical impact of their day.”

“To help them create fun and individually unique weddings that are memorable and leave little lasting impact on the environment.”

“I am organising my first wedding fair in Bristol this coming Sunday, on 30th November 2014. Details at”

“I intend to make the Eco Wedding Pop up event in Bristol an annual wedding fair gathering all the fantastic eco and ethical wedding suppliers of the south west in one place.”

“An opportunity to showcase the marvellous creative talent that are ethically and environmentally friendly yet at the same time fun and imaginative.”

“I am currently developing flower plots at our allotment to have locally sourced flowers readily available to show at wedding shows and fairs.”

“I’m also working with more seasoned green fingered folks; local flower farms and growers to offer seasonal british flowers for venue floral styling and bridal bouquets.”

“I would love to take our Eco Wedding Pop Up Fair on the road around the UK. I can see it working really well at Green Festivals.”

“”I would like to showcase the wealth of eco wedding suppliers across the UK and encourage others to go green and inspire couples to create their own eco wedding.”


Thank you to Rachel for sharing her passion for Eco Weddings.

Its becoming more and more important as the world changes around us to recycle, prelove, and use sustainable products to protect the environment around us.

It ties in so well with rustic and vintage trends too so maybe pop on over to the Pop up this weekend to find out more about hsoting your own Eco celebration


eco wedding pop up, bristol, November 30th 2014, ethically designed weddings, eco weddings, green weddings, green wedding boutique


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