Everybody Loves Tartan – Scottishtastic Corsages and Pins from Love Tartan

Tartan is huge on the catwalks and on the high street this season so why not add a wee bit of Scottishtastic Corsage glamour into your Wedding Guest outfit this autumn/winter.

Love Tartan are makers of gorgeous tartan corsages – ideal for weddings, proms, St Andrews Day, Burns Night or any day/night you want to add a little touch of tartan fabulusness to.




I had a chat with Perthshire based Michalene who creates these gorgeous wee corsages,


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I’m Michalene and by day work in an office. Then I do my superhero transformation and by evening and weekends I’m ‘Lovetartan’.”

“I make tartan corsages and also brooches/pins from authentic tartan fabric. All my items are handmade and made to suit the customer.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“I started Lovetartan just over a year ago.”

“One day I had some tartan ribbon and I made it into a little flower and then it occurred to me that it may look actually a lot better in tartan fabric so I got hold of some and ‘Lovetartan’ was born!”

“I am a small Business but have an on-line shop and like to be on social networks  but I do have a little display at a local kilt shop Strathearn Kilts..”


What inspires you?

“Tartan really inspires me. There are so many different colours and types.”

“From the ‘not too bright’ to the fully ‘brightest red’ tartan – there is something to suit everyone.”

“You don’t have to be Scottish to love tartan.”

Do trends influence the products you stock or service your provide?

“In a way trends do influence the products I’ll make up for display as I do tend to use the more subdued colours or well known tartans that I think more people will like and will maybe match in with wedding colours.”

“However the brighter and maybe less well known tartan is there should anyone want it.”

“Also, tartan is huge on the catwalk this season and I have started to make brooches/pins for jackets and coats as it’s a nice way of just adding a little ‘splash’ of tartan.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would love to increase brand exposure of Love Tartan and would love to see a picture of a bridal party wearing my corsages in a magazine.”

“Also if I’m really reaching for the sky, a model on the catwalk wearing a huge Lovetartan pin on her jacket!”


All wrist corsages are handmade and designed by Michalene. Because they are individually made they all have slight variations.

Love Tartan also create brooches and pins suitable for pinning to jackets so great for buttonholes too in substitution of the fresh flower, and can be worn again and again to many events.




Royal Stewart Wrist Corsage 

Group of 3″ Royal Stewart tartan wrist corsage – 3 smaller tartan roses with a burst of sparkle beads in the centre.




McGregor Muted Tartan

Muted MacGregor tartan wrist corsage – muted greens and reds.




McAuley Tartan 

MacAuley tartan wrist corsage – greens, cream and a touch of red.




Spirit of Alva Tartan

Spirit of Alva tartan wrist corsage – a gorgeous purple/blue colour.




Clans of Caledonia

Clans of Calebdonia tartan wrist corsage – cerise pink green, blue.




Spirit of the Highlands

Spirit of the Highlands tartan wrist corsage – it is a more purple/blue than it looks, with red, green and yellow.




Blackwatch Tartan

Wrist corsage in well-known Blackwatch Tartan – with beads.




Pearl of the Tay Tartan

Wrist corsage made in the beautiful Pearl o’ The Tay Tartan this tartan was designed by Strathearn Kilts Perth and is a lovely purple/blue/pink coloured tartan. With beads.







Hebridean Ice Tartan

Brooch/pin in the Hebridean Ice Tartan.  Ideal if you’re not into a very vibrant tartan.  Would look lovely on a coat/jacket.  Greys with a touch of light blue. Finished with a button in the centre.




Thanks so much to Michalene for sharing her original designs.

The Love Tartan pins and corsages can be a great celebration of heritage or just because you love Tartan, and with the opportunity to have them made in your own Tartan a great way to personalise your wedding.

In place of the normal florals, these corsages will last and can be used again and again and can be a stylish addition to an evening outfit too.


To Contact LoveTartan

Website: http://lovetartan.weebly.com/

Email: lovetartan@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveTartan

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LoveTartan


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