Exquisite, delicious handcrafted french macarons from Medici Macarons

Today I am delighted to spotlight on the fabulous Medici Macarons and their exquisite,  delicious handcrafted french macarons.  

From classic French flavours through to contemporary and very British flavours Lynne Burns, a self-taught macaronier, creates the most delicate and indulgent macarons from her base in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.


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I hand over to Lynne to tell you all about her blossoming Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Lynne Burns and I am a macaronier – which is just another way of saying I make French Macarons!”

“I am head baker and pot washer at Medici Macarons and I make exquisite, gourmet handcrafted macarons.”

“I am currently a home baker based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.”

“I work mainly in Yorkshire but I am happy to supply macarons across Lancashire, North West and Cheshire (and further afield if asked).”


When and why did you start your Company?

“Making macarons became my obsession and from June 2013 it became my profession (I left a world of consultancy and freelance work in the community and voluntary sector).”

“I love food, I love anything sweet but most of all I love great tasting food – food that is exquisite to eat and that is what I create now – day in day out.”

“It’s a dream job!”


What inspires you?

“Creating wonderful tasting macarons using local ingredients inspires me.”

“I want to create macarons that surprise and delight. I want to create macarons are that little bit extra special.”

“My macarons are all individually handcrafted in my home kitchen and are made in small quantities.”

“They are time intensive to make but I also pay a lot of attention to detail.”

“The flavour and texture of my macarons differ from those that are produced on mass in factory conditions.”

“Each macaron is filled with care and attention.”

“But it’s the taste that is so important to me – each mouthful gives the eater their ‘Mmm -macaron moment’ and that’s only achieved by using the best quality and freshest local ingredients (and that attention to detail!).”

“All the jams and jellies are made using either home grown or foraged fruit or fruit that I have had from friend’s gardens.”

“That is what makes my macarons so special.”

“My signature macarons are my ‘secret centres’- these are macarons where the eater is unaware of a hidden middle of pure fruit jelly.”

“The first bite is of fruity buttercream – intense from homemade, usually foraged or home grown fruit, and then the taste buds are subjected to hit of intense pure fruit jelly.”

“My favourite of all is the rhubarb and custard macaron– made with jam made from Yorkshire forced rhubarb bought directly from the forcing sheds in Wakefield on the day that it is picked.”

“It’s created with a 2 tone shell and gives the eater the sensation of homemade puddings and lazy Sunday afternoons. Just perfect for a relaxed summer wedding.”

“Probably my favourite macaron to make is the decorated rose macaron.”

“The buttercream is perfectly fragranced with rose water and the crushed dried rose petals provide an extra flavour dimension- first of dry tea and then of fragrant rose.”

“I think it looks so pretty too and makes the most wonderful wedding favour.”


Do trends influence your work?

“I love being influenced by the seasons and many of my macaron flavours reflect the fruits that are available.”

“I also look to current wedding trends for inspiration.”

“I like to see how I can make macarons that reflect these trends– so that might be with the colour of the shells complimenting the Pantone colour of the year or with themes such as metallic or lace.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Doing my first wedding is my greatest achievement.”

“When I first set up Medici Macarons I mainly supplied the local food co-operative and did an occasional Farmers Markets but in April 2014 I decided to concentrate on just doing weddings, events and celebrations.”

“It was quite a big change so I feel very proud to have made that successful transition.”


What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“Looking towards finding a commercial kitchen to expand the business. I am always looking for new flavours and new ways to decorate my macarons and to display them.”


Medici Macarons and weddings

“Macarons can be used as favours – either as singles, doubles or triples.”

“They can be simply wrapped in cellophane with a pretty ribbon, put in intricately laser cut boxes or displayed imaginatively in all manner of items from mini glass cloches to vintage tea cups. I am happy to discuss any possibilities with brides.”

“Macaron towers make a fantastic alternative to a tradition wedding cake.”

“These can be from just a couple of tiers high to up to 10 tiers high.”

“For couples who want a traditional cake to cut macarons towers can stand on a traditional cake base or be sandwiched between tiers of macarons or placed on the top of a tower.”

“Alternatively macarons can be displayed on a wide selection of beautiful cake stands for a vintage feel that can be stacked to make a tower.”

“Wedding towers can be creatively dressed with flowers to match the bridal flowers – they can used on the base, on the top of the tower or amongst the macarons.”

“I work closely with the bride’s florist to create something very special. I can also provide loose macarons to be part of a dessert table displays.”

“Macarons can also be used individually on wedding cakes to decorate them.”


Lavender Tower,  medici macarons, macarons, french macarons, anne marie king country wedding photographer, french macarons

Lavender Tower,  medici macarons, macarons, french macarons, anne marie king country wedding photographer , french macarons

BAW Tower,  medici macarons, macarons, french macarons, colin murdoch studio, french macarons

vintage tower,  medici macarons, macarons, french macarons, colin murdoch studio, french macarons

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primrose box,  medici macarons, macarons, french macarons, colin murdoch studio,

 medici macarons, macarons, french macarons, laura calderwood photography

Bolton Abbey website,  medici macarons, macarons, french macarons, colin murdoch studio,


Thank you so much to Lynne for sharing her story.

These little delights certainly went down a storm in the House of Tinlin.

Such a diverse array of flavour and so pretty.

A little sweet explosion perfect for any wedding or event.


Image Credits

Main Image –  Colin Murdoch Studio

Picture 2 and 3 (Lavender tower) – Annemarie King Country Wedding Photographer

Picture 4 – Tower (Bolton Abbey) – Colin Murdoch Studio

Picture 5 – Vintage tower – Colin Murdoch Studio

Picture 6 – Blackcurrant – Medici Macarons (Lynne Burns)

Picture 7 – Primrose Box – Colin Murdoch Studio

Picture 8 – Jars – Laura Calderwood Photography

Picture 9 – Tower (Bolton Abbey) – Colin Murdoch Studio


To Contact Medici Macarons

Website: http://www.medicimacarons.co.uk

Email: lynne@medicimacarons.co.uk

Phone: 07814570630

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MediciMacarons

Twitter: https://twitter.com/medicimacarons

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/medicimacarons


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