Feel gorgeous every morning with Good Morning Beautiful Dressing Gowns

Today I am thrilled to share the beautiful Dressing Gowns of Good Morning Beautiful.

The gowns envelop you in gorgeous not only as something special you can wear on your Wedding Day but feel amazing every single day.


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I hand over to the lovely Bella to share her story.


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello! I’m Bella and I run online dressing gown boutique, Good Morning Beautiful alongside my husband Fiachra.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I started the business with my husband in December 2012 from our spare room and launched online in May this year.”

“The original idea came from our wedding, when I wanted gorgeous, light-weight dressing gowns to make my bridesmaids feel comfortable in front of our photographer and to act as a memorable gift for them.”

“I couldn’t find what I wanted and so realised there was a gap in the market for gorgeous, not typically ‘bridal’ dressing gowns.”

“We quite quickly realised that there was no reason women should only feel beautiful on their wedding day and our focus shifted.”

“Our dressing gowns make fabulous presents for brides, bridesmaids (and mums!) but also can (and should!) be worn every day.”

“We’ve found that mums-to-be have been particular fans!”


What inspires you?

“In terms of new designs and prints I am inspired by anything Japanese, all types of flowers, and my recent travels to South East Asia.”

“In business I am inspired by all the fabulous women I see making their dreams come true – including you Mrs P&P! – and our customers, so many of whom email me the kindest words about our gowns, our customer service.

“The fact that people would take the time to do that is incredibly inspiring and makes me determined to make sure Good Morning Beautiful serves these women as best we can.”

“I’m also inspired by other businesses who manufacture in the UK – it’s not easy by any means but having our gowns made in the UK is important to us from both a quality perspective and to support the economy and it’s something I’m so happy we didn’t compromise on.”


Do trends influence the designs you stock?

“We try and keep our designs classic, so we don’t really follow trends as such, but in terms of new fabrics and prints we may use in the future it’s handy to keep an eye on what people are loving at any one time.”

“Overall, though, we want our gowns to be timeless and so choose fabrics, prints and styles that won’t date.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Our greatest achievement is the recent invitation from Ovarian Cancer Action to be the official dressing gown of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month next March, which was absolutely amazing as we knew from the beginning of our business journey that we wanted to do our bit for society – and this is a cause close to so many women’s hearts.”

“More details will be announced nearer the time but it’s fair to say we’re so proud to support OCAM.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“We see the future as hopefully designing and making more gorgeous dressing gowns!”

“The business is so small, so we have to grow slowly but we have some great plans for next year which I find it tricky to keep my month shut about.”


To Conclude….

“The best thing about a dressing gown is that you don’t have to be a certain shape or size to look gorgeous – and feel gorgeous.”

“I wanted to do something that could make every woman feel beautiful and although dressing gowns aren’t going to change the world I hope they put a smile on peoples’ faces.”



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Good Morning, Beautiful (196 of 738)



Thank you so much to Bella and Fiachra for sharing their beautiful work.

I love their ethos in that beauty is seen in laughter,  in friendship, in the small things, in celebration and in love.

Society has such an ideal of what beauty is but these times and people as well as what helps us feel personally beautiful is most important.


Good Morning Beautiful is also running a promotion at the moment that if you buy 3 Dressing gowns or more  this Christmas then you receive a discount of 10%.

Please use Code: BTFLXMAS


To Contact Good Morning Beautiful

Website: http://www.goodmorningbeautiful.co.uk/

Email: hello@goodmorningbeautiful.co.uk

Blog: http://goodmorningbeautifulblog.com/





All Image Credits: Katharine Peachey


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