Flipside Bride ~ Quirky alternative wedding bouquets, buttonholes & favours

Today I am excited to spotlight on the fabulous Flipside Bride, creator of quirky alternative wedding bouquets, buttonholes, favours and so much more.

Flipside Bride is all about individuals. Not rebels, or cool kids, but REAL people. Everyday people, who just happen to want extraordinary weddings.

If you yearn for alternative accents for your wedding day, take a looksee at Flipsides delightfully quirky creations..

Button Felt Bouquet , flipside Bride

I hand over to Kerri Williams to tell you all about this blossoming brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Kerri, and I’m chief mischief maker at Flipside Bride.”

“My company is a purveyor of wondrously quirky and colourful bespoke bouquets, buttonholes and more, for alternative Brides and Grooms, within an ivory hued wedding world.”

maarvel buttonhole, flipside bride

When and why did you start your Company?

“I’ve had a lifelong obsession with buttons, fabric and all things glittery.”

“My Nana May was a talented seamstress and taught me so many skills and life lessons. Flipside Bride really is down to her.”

“I started Flipside Bride in August of 2016, and launched at the National Wedding Show at the NEC in September (go big or go home, right!)  and I started the business for several reasons.”

“I spent each evening for a year, handcrafting everything for our own wedding in June 2016.”

“After the wedding I realised that I missed the creativity with all my heart.”

“In fact I got a little depressed without glitter in my life!/”

“So I made a huge decision to change careers totally, and move from a highly corporate world, to be surrounded by fabric, beads and buttons. Yay!”

“Running my own business will also allow me to be there for our daughter when she starts school next year, and removes my 2 hour commute!”

batgirl wand , flipside bride

What inspires you?

“I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some very inspirational, creative women.”

“Ideas come from lots of angles, from comic books, to my daughters favourite toys (My Little Pony at the moment!)”

“I also draw heavily from the world of tattoo art, and quite often scrolls, swallows and hearts feature in my creations.”

“As a movie addict, you’ll see lots of Marvel, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones homages in my work.”

“I’m also obsessed with the beauty of sugar skulls, and you’ll always find one of them squirrelled away on my bouquets.”

button bouquet, flipside brde

Do trends influence your work?

“Flipside Bride creations tend to appeal to a more alternative couples, so trends aren’t always at the forefront of their minds.”

“Having said that, there are trends in our non-muggle circles which seem set to stay – Marvel is ever present, as is Disney and Harry Potter.”

“I do find that the colours Pantone predict each year trickle through to bouquets and button holes, usually as foundation tones that we add quirks to.”

“I suspect this is because other suppliers in the industry use them, such as stationers and dress makers. So my brides want to tie into that.”

comic buttonhole, flipside bride

What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement has to be being featured in the Rock n Roll Bride collection at the NWS in September of this year.”

“It was such a warm, supportive family to be a part of, and allowed me to meet so many wonderfully imaginative couples.”

“The National Wedding Show was the highlight of my year – 3 exhausting, wonderful, exciting days, full of funny and glorious people.”

“I can’t wait to be back there in Autumn 2017.”

wonderwoman shoe clips - flipside bride

What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“I see Flipside Bride becoming a vibrant part of the alternative and vintage wedding scene, with lots of colour, quirks and bling bling.”

“I’d love to be seen as the person to come to in order to turn your day dreams into reality. No matter how weird and wonderful!”

Felt charm bouquet , flipsde bride, Image ~ Haywood Jones Photography
Image ~ Haywood Jones Photography


Thank you so much to Kerri for sharing her quirky alternative wedding bouquets and accessories.

There is no better day than your Wedding Day to do what you love and self express.

Your celebration should be a celebration of what makes you an individual, and these amazing bouquets and accessories break free from constriction and the conventional letting you shine.


To Contact Flipside Bride

Website: http://www.flipsidebride.co.uk/

Email: info@flipsidebride.co.uk

Phone: 07429 968083

Be Social: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


Image Credit  (Pink and Green Felt & Charm Bouquet – Haywood Jones Photography


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