Fun, Engaging, educational Wedding Activity Boxes from Kids Crate

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on these fabulous Wedding Activity Boxes from Kids Crate that are a fun, engaging and educational way to keep little ones amused and entertained on the Big Day.


wedding activity boxes,  kids crate


I hand over to Emily Whitechurch to tell you all about her amazing boxes…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello, I’m Emily and I run Kids Crate Ltd.”

“We make gorgeous children’s activity boxes that are designed by parents, reviewed by experts and tested by kids.”

“Our boxes are designed for both boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 7 and are designed to be fun, engaging and educational.”

“We also hand make gorgeous wedding activity boxes and great individual party favour boxes to help entertain children so they don’t get bored or disruptive at functions.”


wedding activity boxes, kids crate


When and why did you start your Company?

“Kids Crate was launched in September 2014.”

“After my 2ndson was born I realised how precious time was, and more so, quality time doing something with my sons instead of always running around for them.”

“I would compile craft boxes with everything required to complete the projects included in the box, thus enabling me to actually sit down with my eldest son.”

“I started to make up boxes as gifts for busy friends to make their parenting lives a little easier and the idea blossomed from there.”

“It’s great to be able to sit down and experience new things with my boys and I love that I can help make this aspect of parenting a little easier for others.”

“The wedding activity boxes developed after a friend asked me tosupply boxes to entertain the 17 kids invited to her wedding.”

“I tried to think of all the things that may worry parents, not to mention the bride, from crayons that wouldn’t ruin special wedding outfits (including the bride’s dress) to making sure activities weren’t so noisy that they would interfere with the speeches.”

“After rigorous testing by groups of kids, and also listening to what they would like to do in those situations we finalised the box and voila, the new Kids Crate addition arrived.”


wedding activity boxes, kids crate


What inspires you?

“So many things; notwithstanding my extremely hard working husband and my 2 gorgeous and inquisitive boys, I see so many parents working hard and desperately trying to find time to sitdown and enjoy activities with their kids.”

“It’s hard enough trying to balance everything life throws at you and I am in awe of them all.”


Do trends influence your work?

“I believe that children learn through play and the world is their oyster. Trends don’t really affect the project choices in the activity or wedding boxes.”

“We do however, colour co-ordinate and personalise our wedding boxes so that they can blend seamlessly into the theme and table settings.”


wedding activity boxes, kids crate


What is your greatest achievement?

“Some days I feel that getting to bedtime in one piece is my greatest achievement! In hindsight though there are a few things vying for the top spot.”

“In my previous career as an RAF Officer, I was honoured to be awarded the Iraq medal in 2003.”

“Being fortunate enough to marry an amazing man and have a gorgeous family with 2 adorable sons and having enough belief in
myself to take the plunge and set up Kids Crate. All of these are achievements in different areas.”

“Being part of making the world a safer place for everyone or being lucky enough to have a wonderful family not to mention achieving belief in myself, something that many of us strive for and continue to do so.”


wedding activity boxes, kids crate


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would love to see Kids Crate grow and our brand become a family name.”

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Kids Crate and we want to ensure that the way we do business and the impact it has, makes a better tomorrow.”

“The hope is to provide activity boxes and projects to community services and support accessibility, because every child deserves the opportunity to learn.”

“Not just in a class room but through fun and imaginative play. To develop their knowledge and make it fun, with the added bonus of helping to make the carers life a little easier along the way!”


“I love to do what I do and I know that my children and I enjoy Kids Crate experiences all the time but the real icing on the cake is when I receive wonderful and heart warming feedback from my customers.”

It really is such a joy to hear…”Love, love, loved the boxes of fun for the little ones that attended my wedding. Emily was
very helpful and even made the boxes match my pink vintage theme perfectly which was a added bonus.”

“It was a lovely surprise for the children and they really enjoyed the contents of the box. It kept them entertained and quiet during the speeches so they were happy, the mums were happy and I was very happy too”.


Each wedding activity box includes:

A personalised tag

Colour co-ordinated decor to match your theme



Wedding card to design and decorate for the happy couple

An activity book


Disposable camera

An ‘I Spy’ list
PLUS ….a bonus project


Each box is priced at £20.


Thank you to Emily for sharing her pretty and imaginative wedding activity boxes.

Kids tell you how it is, and mine loved their box and in particular the camera and the eye spy list.

That is a definite hit and really clever in making them really use the time they might get bored to capture all the magic happening around them.

An amazing hassle free solution to keep children happy, and involved in the wedding day experience.


To Contact Kids Crate



Phone: 0208 1234 032





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