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Having listened to what kind of ceremony people wanted,  Anne Widdop decided that it was the time to launch a new, exciting and ethical business and allow communities to celebrate all of life’s events in a fresh new way thus Fuze Ceremonies was born.

Fuze have a modern approach to ceremonies where there are no barriers about the content provided it is dignified for those involved.

This is based on personal experience and the desire to help people celebrate their big day in the way that reflects what is important to them.

I had a wee chat to Anne to discover all about Fuze,

Who are you, and what do you do ?

“My name is Anne Widdop and I’m the founding director of Fuze Ceremonies.”

“My business is about changing the way people like you and I celebrate and commemorate landmarks in our lives.  Customers have told me they want the freedom to celebrate in their own way and I’m embracing that change, providing choice, making a difference.”

“We conduct Humanist Marriages, we’re the same authorisation as a minister  or a registrar, we offer speech writing services – initially aimed at best men, groom and father of the bride and we offer the modern twist on Christenings, or namings as we call them.”

Why, and when did you start your Business ?

“I started Fuze Ceremonies in Jan of this year and I started it because I want to provide customers choices.  We’re flexible about the content of our ceremonies and we build a great rapport with our customers.”

What inspires you ?

“Its the people I work with.  They inspire me as they have the most amazing stories.”

How do you work ?

“We  are here to make your life easy. We will ensure that every i is dotted and every t is crossed. We provide you with someone you’ll feel comfortable with, to engage with you and ultimately create and deliver the perfect day.”

“We are easy to contact,  clients  can phone, visit or even write to us at our Head Office in Glasgow.”

“You can book online and we’ll call you back. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, we love to make new friends!”

“The next stage is to meet up and discuss clients ideas for the ceremony, whatever that is.”

“There’s no set format, we can come to the client, or vice-versa.”

“If clients have booked us to marry them, they may have a theme in mind already or need us to make recommendations. Our team covers the whole of Scotland.”

“Now comes the best bit. Clients can sit down and relax while Fuze takes their brief and creates the first draft of their ceremony.”

“Fuze then send it, and clients have the chance to review it or add in new ideas, we can give advice for content such as poetry or prose, candle lighting, handfasting etc. We also  liase with others involved in the Ceremony. Our key message is that you don’t need to worry.”

“Although we are legally authorised to perform marriages, clients still need to go through all the formailities and paperwork (M10) of Scotland to marry!”

“We then finalise the script when all the appropriate information has been collated.”

“There is no need for a Wedding rehearsal, but we generally have a meeting in the week prior to finalise details and read through the vows and discuss any symbolism involved.”

“Then its the big day.”

“If it’s a Babynaming Ceremony, rest assured we have plenty of experience in understanding the joys of motherhood!”

“If you are getting in touch to discuss a funeral or other end of life service, we will provide you with an Officiant who has experience in this field and is qualified to assist those who are bereaved. We understand the difficulties and we’re here to help.”

What’s your greatest achievement ?

“Before setting up this business I was a director of IBM, a global IT company.  It was a well paid, a senior job, which I loved, but decided to take the brave step to start out on my own.  Starting my own business is my greatest achievement !”

What do you see as the future of your Business ?

“We would like to be the No.1 provider of Humanist marriages in Scotland within 3 years and have a known brand for our speech-writing services.”

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The team  are happy to travel across Scotland to conduct weddings and clients have the freedom to choose  who they wish to conduct their ceremony.  However, they try to minimise travel time and cost by covering the following regions.

Anne Widdop:  Highlands and Islands

Duncan Robertson:  Central Scotland & the Lothians

Victoria Bisland: Central Scotland and West Coast

Morag Adams:  Perth & Grampians

Thanks to Anne for sharing her wonderful growing Business, its great to hear about all the options coming through for creating an event completely personal, and unique.

I love the fact that Fuze is socially responsible by helping the community by giving the profits from wedding ceremonies to The Fuze Foundation.

The charity provides free funeral ceremonies for the death of a child and gives money to other good causes. They also foster relationships with organisations that specialise in supporting people at difficult times of their lives.

Its also very reassuring to know that those that work with Fuze are professional and dependable: and all of their ceremony officers have completed a Fuze Ceremonies training program.

This means that all their staff are fully trained, licensed and approved.

They are equipped with the necessary skills to assist people in challenging situations; are fully insured and provide back-up cover for all ceremonies and  have been through full disclosure checks.

From meeting some of the team at a recent Wedding Show I can firmly say that anyone interested in using the services of Fuze would be in the best of hands.

To Contact Fuze Ceremonies

Website: http://www.fuzeceremonies.co.uk/

Email: info@fuzeceremonies.co.uk

Phone: 0141 418 9630

Blog: http://www.fuzeceremonies.co.uk/blog.aspx

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/FuzeCeremonies

Twitter: http://twitter.com/FuzeCeremonies


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