Giuseppe Papini – The Real Luxury is Simplicity – 2013 Collection

Today I am thrilled to share the 2013 Collection of Giuseppe Papini whose ethos in creating beautiful Italian Bridal Couture is the real luxury is simplicity.

The gowns are truly unique and are a triumph of tailoring and fine fabrics.

They make a clear style statement without being overwhelming or fussy and I love them.


Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 12


Giuseppe Papini has had, for ten years now, a leading role in Italy in the Wedding Dress manufacturing sector.   

Created in Bergamo in 2003, the brand effectively combines elegance and quality with the typical craftsmanship of Italian fashion, enhancing the feminine personality through a constant innovation and always researching the best stylistic evolution. 

Giuseppe began his career working with worldwide famous Italian brands, such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Fontana Couture.

Then, after meeting Valentina Mazzoni in 2003, he started focusing on his own collection. 

Together, Valentina and Giuseppe create the ideal synergy between passion for Made in Italy and entrepreneurial skills. The results are immediate: the “griffe” establishes itself on the international market in a blink of an eye, not only because of the quality of its dresses, but also thanks to the excellence of its service. 

Today, Giuseppe Papini is Italy’s most affirmed high-level wedding dress manufacturer. 

Its headquarters, located in Milan, manage a whole production set in Bergamo and over sixty stores throughout the country.

Even abroad the brand is solidly affirmed, thanks to several retailers widely distributed in Europe, North America and Asia.

This way, Giuseppe Papini can fulfill the demands of a constantly contaminated global market while staying faithful to the universally appreciated Italian craftsmanship.  

Stylistic research and exclusiveness of materials are exceptionally important for Giuseppe.

Each dress produced by the brand guarantees a flawless fit that meets the needs of every type of bride. Papini’s goal always stays the same: make the bride modern, feminine, special and unique. 

The brand is able to interpret the dream of every woman and turn it into the perfect dress to wear for the most important day of her life.

Light and dynamic, Giuseppe Papini’s wedding dresses adapt themselves to the “silhouette” of the bride, valuing not only her body but also her personality thanks to a unique fitting. 

They represent the stylistic excellence of Italian tailoring and show a true obsession for detail. 

All the wedding gowns designed by Giuseppe Papini are manufactured with carefully selected and properly processed top quality materials. 

The brand’s exclusive silks come from Como, a world-class weaving pole, and are produced exclusively for Giuseppe Papini.

Tulle comes directly from Milan and Prato textile districts. The best artisan producers located in the north of France are, on the other hand, the perfect choice for lace. 

Giuseppe Papini’s production chain goes through scrupulous tests and, before being cut, each material is carefully examined in order to verify the absence of impurities, fouls or nodes. These procedures are what creates the qualitative excellence that characterizes Giuseppe Papini’s collections. 

A completely internal production allows Giuseppe to ensure a constant monitoring of his dresses in every phase of their manufacturing. 

The initial paper patterns are the foundation where the creation of impeccably fitting clothes – regardless of the bride’s size – begins.  

The attention to details of each item provides a step by step monitoring and a handmade finishing.

Craftsmanship meets experimentation, and the designer’s continue oversight gives birth to clothes made to please, to effortlessly suit the lines of the bride, and perfectly blend with her unique personality. 


I am thrilled to share an insight into Guiseppe’s 2013 Collection.


Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 1

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 2

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 3

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 4

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 5

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 6

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 7

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 8

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 9

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 10

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 11 Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 13

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 14

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 15

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 16

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 17

Giuseppe Papini Wedding Dress 2013 18


Thank you so much to Guiseppi for allowing me to share such  stunning designs on the Blog, each one as beautiful as the next.

Whilst not currently stocked in the UK this will hopefully soon change.

If you are a Scottish or UK Bridal retailer Giuseppi would also be interested in talking with you with regards to becoming a Stockist.


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