Good Luck Gertie – Lucky horseshoes for weddings, special occasions and the home.

Today I am pretty excited to share the work of the fabulous Abbie Kilcline of Good luck Gertie, up-cycler of lucky horseshoes for weddings, special occasions and the home.

I have known Abbie for a good wee while.

From the run up to Marriage through her Blog  journey with the Vintage Hen House,  and more recently motherhood and now this brand new venture.




I had a wee chat to Abbie to find out all about this exciting new Business,

“It’s becoming somewhat a habit of mine to take the more tacky elements of weddings and try and refine them into something that firstly has a bit more class and secondly takes on the mass produced, one size fits all approach and attempts to show people that there is another way.”

“I started a few years ago with hen parties, but had to give it up after I had a baby, and now I moved on to Lucky horseshoes.”

“These are something that has been associated with Weddings for years but have fallen out of fashion since the card shops started selling those plastic things.”

“I personally am not a fan of but I still like the idea of giving someone a lucky charm on their wedding day (being the ridiculously superstitious person I am).”

“I used real horseshoes as decorations at my wedding and I loved them, due to my superstitious tendencies so it felt great to have these little lucky charms scattered around our venue.”

“It was a wonderful day, we had the most amazing weather, my friend went into labour (during the ceremony)  and had a beautiful little girl (later that day) everything just turned out perfectly and maybe in part it was due to my lucky charms?”

“I had lots of horseshoes left over from our wedding and have often thought about doing something with them but it never seemed the right time.”

“So when 2013 rolled around it seemed the perfect time to start creating something as an antidote to this unlucky sounding year.”

“Apparently a lot of Wedding vendors have had a dip in bookings this year as people are worried about tying the knot in 2013 so I thought that making lucky horseshoe wedding charms would be perfect for any couple having a few worries plus they look really pretty.”

“You could have just one for the day maybe on the top table, on a dessert bar, with the guest book or you could have several as decorations or as table number holders (like I did).”

“The name Good luck Gertie is inspired by the nickname I had as a child which was Gertie. My mum wanted to call me Gertrude but my dad wasn’t happy so it was a bit of a nickname, and the good luck aspect is obviously about the horseshoes.”

“Readymade horseshoes are for sale via the Good Luck Gertie Esty shop and I can make custom orders on request.”

“They look great in the home as well and make a wonderful memento from the day you can keep. I have so far used fabric, paint and glitter to decorate the horseshoes but I’m up for challenge if you want something specific.”

“I can also hire out if you wanted several but didn’t want to purchase them; I know how frustrating it can be to have to buy lots of wedding stuff and having it clutter up your home after the big day.”

“Although I can’t guarantee they will be lucky, they are all individually handmade with lots of love and I know it may sound corny but making them makes me happy and I hope they carry that happy karma with them into their new home.”

“Just make sure than when you display them you do it with the open end up otherwise all the luck will fall out.”









Thanks so much to Abbie for sharing her awesome creativity, and something a wee bit different and quirky that would be a great addition to any big day.

Think of all the fun that could be had coming up with bespoke designs for lucky horseshoes to reflect your own vision….With imagination the options are endless.


Abbie has also very kindly offered one of her lovely lucky horseshoes as a Giveaway on the Blog.




To WIN please email Abbie directly with “why do you need a lucky charm?” and in one week from today a name shall be drawn out of the hat.


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