Gorgeous Wedding Special Touches from Giddy Kipper

There is something amazing about these two people, partners in life and partners in Business but who together make Wedding special touches company Giddy Kipper,  Wedding Industry stuff of legend.

This morning I shared their love story, and an introduction to Heidi as new Blogging Bride but now I want to share a spotlight on their work.


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I hand you over to the lovely Heidi to tell you all about this wonderful Business….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are Heidi and Steve, and together we are Giddy Kipper.”

“We create handmade, hand painted home decor, decorative items and personalised gifts and award-winning special touches for Weddings!”


When, and why did you start your Business?

“Steve and I originally met when “We met in a local pub when I was 14 and he was 18.”

“He was in a band and I went to all their gigs, until I went off to College at 16.

“We lived seperate lives for years but fate brought us back together and we became a couple in 1997”

“By now, I was 26 and Steve was about to turn 30.”

“I started freelancing and worked in a design studio. Steve was working as a stationery manager but when he was made redundant for the 4th time we decided we would try and make it on our own.”

“We set up our own business with about 17 pence between us. We had no idea what we were doing at first!”

“Steve was good at hitting things with hammers and since I had a background of ‘colouring-in’ we wanted to put our creative talents to better use.”

“After several years of travelling the country for not very good shows we became Giddy Kipper in 2004 and were selected for Country Living Fairs in London and Scotland.”

“Our products began appearing in home magazines including Coast, Country Living, Country Homes & Interiors, Homes & Antiques and Ideal Home.”

“By 2006, we had ventured into the wedding industry and loved it, and we still do!”


What inspires you?

“Everything inspires me! Ideas come from all sorts of places..I love magazines and I am an avid reader of an eclectic mix of online blogs.”

“I adore wedding blogs but I also love to read lifestyle and vintage blogs too.I like to gather ideas from tv shows to snippets of conversation or maybe a comment, colour or photo can trigger a wealth of product ideas.”

“I have my sketchbook handy at all times to make sure I can scribble down ideas when they come to me.”

“Our kids too can spark off an idea. Something they say or conversations we have can bring back lovely memories.”

“Our products tend to have a nostalgic feel to them,so childhood memories often trigger an idea.”

“We’re also regularly asked to make special pieces for weddings and try to oblige if at all possible to make the day truly special and personalised for the happy couple.”


Do trends influence your work?

“To some extent they do. I like to keep an eye on latest trends, particularly colours as they will gradually filter through.”

“It’s good to see what new materials are trending or there may be a theme that we can explore.”

“We can cater for any wedding theme or scheme so we are generally led by the couple but we can advise on certain trends if the couple are after a tea party theme for example, we can offer the best bits of the trend or something they perhaps hadn’t thought of to bring the theme together.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Apart from our boys (being a Mum is the most important job I do!) we’re very proud of our achievements with the business.”

“It’s been a rollercoaster but we’re still here and planning our next cunning move!”

“We’ve built the business up from humble beginnings in a garden shed and now reside in an old malthouse where we still make everything by hand and always to order.”

“We’ve had products featured in the vast majority of national magazines & newspapers including Coast, Country Living, Ideal Home, Period Living, Country Homes & Interiors, Homes & Antiques, Daily Mail, Daily Express…..(to name but a few!)”

“When we introduced Giddy Weddings products we were immensely proud to be nominated for a Wedding Ideas award for Best Special Touches in 2011 – we made it to the final 5 and only lost out to the huge wedding company Confetti!”

“Then in 2012, we won the Best Special Touches category at the Weddings Ideas Awards and again in 2013! It was an immensely proud moment for a small business like ours.”

“I went on to write articles for Wedding Ideas magazine website and styling posts for online Wedding & Party Blog LoveLuxe.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“We are currently working on a new Giddy Weddings website and have a whole host of new and exciting products to launch in the next couple of months (fingers crossed!)”

“We’ve been looking at new ways of using our designs, bigger pieces, more alternative ideas and cannot wait to work with more couples looking for something individual and unique to them.”

“We may even go back to exhibiting at shows as we miss the interaction with customers – we would love to stand at vintage and alternative fairs to give more of an idea of what we have to offer.”

“As we’ve been planning our own wedding this year, it has also given us much more of an insight into just what is available to brides and grooms.”

“There have been certain items we’ve not been able to source, so we’re making them ourselves!”

“We can then perhaps add these hard-to-find products to the new site for other couples looking for similar items.”

“We hope eventually, couples will use us as there go – to company for those extra special touches!”


bride and groom purple heart , giddy kipper

red squishy bum heart, giddy kipper

circus tent place holders, giddy kipper

british flag wedding sign, giddy kipper

wedding direction sign, giddy kipper

bunting wedding heart, giddy kipper

cocktails sign, giddy kipper

beach hut table number , giddy kipper

marry me heart, giddy kipper

diasy wedding sign, giddy kipper

blue pageboy star, giddy kipper

wifey and hubby signs, giddy kipper

personalised wedding hearts, giddy kipper

wooden place names, giddy kipper

campervan wedding sign, giddy kipper


ditsy_daisy_bird_decoration, giddy kipper

rock n roll heart, giddy kipper

seaside sign, giddy kipper


Thank you so much to Heidi and Steve for sharing their incredible wedding special touches, personalised gifts and home decor.

Such beautiful craftmenship and attention to detail and love painted into each and every stunning product.


To Contact Giddy Kipper 

Website: http://www.giddykipper.net

Email: giddykipper@btconnect.com

Phone: 01476594646

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GiddyKipperUK

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GiddyKipperUK and https://www.twitter.com/GiddyWeddingsUK



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