Hand Printed Textiles from My Home and Yours for Wedding Gift and Home

Today I am thrilled to share some lovely hand printed textiles from My Home and Yours perfect for a wedding gift or your home.

The brand has a studio & workshop based in a small village on the Basque coast.

I hand you over to Anika Schmitt to tell you all about her blossoming business…


Who are you, and what do you do..

“Hello, my name is  Anika, and I am an international fashion designer.”

“My Home & Yours is a small, fresh and original brand of personalised and hand-printed textile decor.”

“The collection of graphic quote cushions and fabric art prints intents to reach the hearts of their recipients in an original, direct and affectionate way, while their high quality and selected designs turn them into pieces you want to keep.”

“The designs combine vintage, retro, rustic, Boho or Hipster in a natural and elegant way.”

“All pieces are carefully hand printed by myself, for which I use a technique that allows the fabric texture to shine through giving it an aging vintage look.”

“This assures that not one piece will turn out exactly the same. So you will get a UNIQUE piece!”

“What’s more, you can customise any of the existing designs with names, dates, lyrics or whatever message your heart tells you.”

“Personalised love declarations, a proposal, gifts for the bridesmaids, anniversary gifts with names of the couple and their wedding date, as well as beautiful customised wedding decor are amongst the favourite pieces that have been sent out into the world so far from my studio in the Basque Coast.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“My Home and Yours was created just under a year ago.”

“During 20 years I was completely absorbed by the fashion world, working and travelling non stop, which was fantastic and exciting all the way.”

“With the birth of my daughter another perspective of the world opened up to me and other ideas and opportunities crossed my way which are just equally exciting.”

“With this new project of My Home and Yours I am able to combine my knowledge of textiles, my passion for graphic design as well as my manual skills as an artesan, which so often due to the high production quantities in fashion, I was not able to express.”

“With this project I am hoping to get people closer, help them express their love and personalise their interiors with some little hand printed luxuries that speak for themselves.”

“The idea began when I was desperately searching for a gift for a dear friend who was about to get married.”

“I wanted this gift to show how special she is for me and it should remind the couple of their love on a daily basis.”

“It should be something personal and unique, as well as aesthetic and functional. In short, so many things that it was difficult to fit them into a single gift. So I decided to create it myself.”

“Soon after I had to find something special for a newborn …. a housewarming, a birthday, a communion, a christening … all special moments and all of them have their own personalised phrase!”

What inspires you?

“I guess I get inspired all of the time, be it some packaging sticker of a biscuit or an online post about flower arrangements, the form and color of the plants in my garden, a flyer of a new coffee shop.”

“I especially try to listen what people are looking for, who and how they want to communicate with someone.”

“As I get many custom orders, it can see what and how people want to express themselves to their loved ones.”

“And then of course I also need a gift for someone special ever so often and I try to get myself into what this person likes. Basically observing people themselves is my biggest inspiration.”

Do trends influence your work?

“Yes, I guess they do – after all I come from the fashion world!”

What is your greatest achievement?

“Work wise: my nomination for “Best Streetwear Design label” on a world wide level by Sports Wear International.”

“Privately: our daughter.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“My product line is soon to expand, so I guess that will be the closest future step.”

I was really lucky to receive a gorgeous cushion from Anika to review and its absolutely lovely.

The quality is impressive, delivery was speedy and its message encapsulates what I really wanted to say to my family who are everything to me.

My cushion was personalised to my families names but sharing an example of this as my photography skills don’t capture how incredibly pretty it is…


If you are looking for a gift will captivate the hearts of all who receive through this original way of sharing heartfelt messages and feelings then Anika would love to hear from you.

My Home and Yours ships to the UK for very reasonable rates and internationally.


To Contact My Home and Yours

Website: http://www.myhomeandyours.com

Email: info@myhomeandyours.com

Be Social:  Facebook  Pinterest  Instagram


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