Heirloom Brooch bouquets from Get Knotted – Incorporate Family Heirlooms into your Wedding

Today I am delighted to share the exquisite Heirloom Brooch bouquets from Borders based Get Knotted.

What can I say about these bouquets other than they take your breath away, I wish I was getting married all over again so I could have my very own design.

Every bride wants make their wedding day as unique as possible, and what could be more so than incorporating meaningful family heirlooms into their day.

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is family.

Every family has special heirlooms which have been passed down generations and adding these into your wedding bouquet or button hole can be the perfect way to honour your loved ones.

Lindsey Hunter creates bespoke vintage brooch bouquets, bridesmaid posies and button holes. Each design is made to the specification requested by the bride and Lindsey always tries to incorporate family heirloom pieces into her designs.


Get-Knotted.net Red Heart Bouquet -ú85 - -ú350


To include family heirlooms into your bouquet or button holes you could :

-Choose a sentimental necklace which can be wrapped around the handle of a bouquet.

 -You might have an old or broken watch which doesn’t work any more – these are perfect for placing in a bouquet. Watches can be set to the time of the wedding ceremony to remember the day forever.

 -Lockets with a picture of someone special are a great heirloom to include within bouquets, especially if that person cannot be there to celebrate your wedding day.

-Brooches are a popular family heirloom – add a number of different brooches to your bouquet and match or contrast them with your wedding theme.

 -Some vintage brooches have the word ‘mother’ on, these are perfect for creating a bespoke button holes for the mother of the bride.

-Initial brooches are very popular – include a grandparent’s initial brooch in your bouquet or add an initial brooch to a bridesmaid’s posy as a keep sake and a piece they can cherish forever.


As well as family heirlooms, you can incorporate pieces found in jewellery shops and antique stores. Lindsey is always keeping her eyes open for sentimental brooches to add to her bouquets.

If you love vintage style, you will adore the bouquet Lindsey will create for you.

Lindsey delicately hand makes each bouquet using crystals, brooches, jewellery, feathers, paper roses, everlasting sprigs of various flowers and of course family heirlooms.

A selection of the exclusive Vintage  Bridal Brooch Bouquets collection is currently available from Etsy.com and by contacting Lindsey directly.

The collection includes cute round, heart-shaped, crescent, and shower bouquets as well as bridesmaid posies and beautiful boutonnières.


Get-Knotted.net Pink and Purple Bridesmaid Posy from -ú125 Get-Knotted.net Plum Bouquet -ú85 - -ú350 (lifestyle)

Get-Knotted.net Spring Bouquet with Vintage Ribbon -ú85 - -ú350 (3)

Get-Knotted.net Spring Pink and Green Bouquet -ú85 - -ú350 (2)

Get-Knotted.net Vintage Creams Old Rose and Brooch Bouquet -ú85 - -ú350

Get-Knotted.net Vintage Crescent Bouquet -ú295

Get-Knotted.net Peacock Feathers and Emerald Green Bouquet -ú85 - -ú350

Get-Knotted.net Pink and Green Bouquet Bouquet -ú85 - -ú350

Get-Knotted.net Ivory Heart Bouquet -ú85 - -ú350

Get-Knotted.net Aqua Bouquet with Mink Butterfly from -ú85--ú350


Thank you to Lindsey for sharing her beautiful work, they are certainly statement  pieces that will create a striking impact for any Brides big day. I particularly love the intricacy yet boldness of the red bouquet….just stunning.


To Contact Get Knotted

Phone: 0791 2200365


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