How the Bow Tie and Pocket Squares are great for Weddings

Everyone from James Bond to Dr Who has sported a bow tie in recent years so we can look to these dapper little fashion statements as somewhat cool.

The bow tie teamed with the pocket square are two essential additions to the attire of a chap who wants to look dapper and, on his wedding day, a svelte gentleman.

There is something romantic about both the bow tie and the pocket square and with both being redefined in that last few decades, every groom and their entourage should look to these iconic additions for the wedding garb.



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The bow tie

The fashion of the male adorning his neck with a knotted piece of fabric started in the 17th Century with the Croatian soldiers of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) being the first to be documented as donning a necktie.

Slowly, this look filtered through Europe but it wasn’t until 1886, when the designer Lorillard added his designer appeal to the necktie, the bow tie was born.

Still known today as ‘black tie’ attire, the bow tie is making a serious comeback.

The biggest change – and perhaps, it could be argued, the only change since Lorillard’s day – is that the modern man has revolutionised the wearing of the bow tie.

It is no longer just for formal dining occasions, but for every day wear as well as for a wedding.

Every man about town is happy and looks great wearing a bow tie.


The pocket square

The pocket square, a dash of the gentleman’s handkerchief showing in the breast pocket of his suit jacket (and sometimes as commonly see today, the breast pocket of his shirt) has a pedigree that extends back to the ancient Greeks.

It was a practical move back then with the hankies being perfumed to mask unfortunate body odour and it remained a practical addition for centuries to come.

The upper class gentleman in the 17th Centuries would walk around London with their pocket-handkerchief held against their nose as a barrier to the miasmas of the streets.

It was ‘unclean’ to show a used handkerchief however, and so it wasn’t until the two-piece suit became popular for gentleman in the 19th Century that the pocket square became more commonplace – and a fashion statement, as much as it was a practical need.

By the 1920s, the pocket square as a means of adding a dash of colour to a suit was well and truly established, remaining so until this day.


The modern bow tie and pocket square

There is something dashing about a groom wearing a bow tie and a pocket square, usually made from matching material, colour and pattern.

It signifies that the groom as spent time on his toilette, he has thought about what he wants to wear and the image he wants to portray. He also looks smart, without being overly formal.

However, the biggest reason to consider bow ties and pocket squares for this special day is the romance.

When the colour of his pocket square is the colour of the flowers his bride carries as she walks towards him, it shows they are closely connected – almost intertwined with each other already.

It can also be seen as reminiscent of when ladies gave jousting knights their ‘colours’ before they took part in battle… a tender gesture that would certainly carry over into the romance of the day!


Mrs Bow Tie is a manufacturer of high quality fashion accessories.

They specialise in neckwear for fashion concious men with a wide range of bow ties, pocket squares, ties & accessories now branching to products for kids and even dog accessories.

Mrs Bow Tie was founded in 2012 when business partners Andy & Lianne struck up a chance friendship and joined forces to design, manufacture and retail in-house and bring manufacturing back home to the UK!


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bow-tie, mrs-bowtie

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Fred Astaire. James Bond. Donald Duck. All great men, and Duck, and all proud wearers of the bow tie.

Who wouldn’t want to follow in at least one of their footsteps?

With a dapper collection available in their store you can go from drab to dapper in the amount of time it takes to mix a martini.

Time to join the ranks of history’s best-dressed gentlemen whether you want to be a handsome groom or just that stylish boy about town.


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