Illustrate your Love – Customised Story Books by Dani Crawshaw Illustrations

Today I am excited to feature Dani Crawshaw Illustrations and her lovely customised story books.

Her mission with her books is to spread happiness and their uniqueness certainly raises a smile, they are such a great personalised gift idea.




I pass over to Dani to tell us her story.

“I’ve been a broadcast journalist since graduating from Uni in 2003, which has been great.  I started off in local radio reading the news and reporting, and then freelanced in London at national stations and moved into TV.”

“Then I took some time out, moved to Spain – learnt Spanish.  Came back into journalism – but decided I wanted to travel more, so became an airline stewardess.”

“And now I am back doing some journalism shifts (to be able  to get my story book business up and running).  So….have always liked to try new things!”

“One thing has always been consistent though, I love to draw and make up stories.”

“In my spare time I’ve always loved to illustrate, making cards and short funny stories for friends and family – which has always gone down well.”
“And about a year ago I thought, hold on, maybe I could do this for a living – or at least try (have always been of the opinion you have to try – or you’ll never know).”
“So, that’s what I have done – set up my own business doing customised story books.”
Below is an example of just a few pages….
“So far, I’ve done two books – and have just got an order for another.”
“It felt like a bit of a dream to be honest when I got my first client – couldn’t really believe it.”
“She was the Maid of Honour for her best friend’s wedding and was looking for a unique gift.”
“Her brief was a book about how the bride and groom met, but to also include their story as friends (when they were little and talked about boys etc).”
“She sent me some pictures of the couple and them when they were younger, so I had something to base the illustrations on.”
“And then I asked her to tell me some stories (the more a client can give me – the more personal a book can be).”
She told me about the couple’s first date – and how Kate (the bride) was nervous and spilt red wine on Tom (the groom) – so I included that which makes it personal and adds humour.”  
“She also told me where the couple were getting married and the date, details which can all be included.”  
“It takes me about a week to do the illustrations and during that time I can send progress updates to make sure the client is happy with the work.”
“A client can be really involved (sending me lots of stories and photos) – or not – it’s up to them.” 
“They get 16 pages of unique illustrations and on each page 4 lines of words which rhyme.”
“The front cover’s also different and there’s space for a personal message at the front (from the client – to whoever the book’s intended for).”
“The scope for a book is great too – because lots of family members/friends can be included.  It can be from the bride to the groom, or friends/family of the bride/groom to the couple.”
“It can be done before the wedding day or after and include things that happened on the day (bit of the groom’s speech etc.)”
“My aspirations for the Business and the future are simple really – to be able to do something I love, and to be a success.”
“And – I’m not going to lie – when you get a great reaction from someone who’s really happy with what you’ve created – that’s just brilliant and I thrive on that.”
“I would love the opportunity to expand my business in the future, but I never want to take away the personal aspect of it – and the uniqueness.”
“I want someone to feel like they’ve got something really special, that someone’s spent time and effort on it. That’s something that’s really important to me.”
Thank you to Dani for sharing her creativity with us today, please check out her website for more examples of her work and to find out how you can have your  memories and exciting times to come captured in a wonderful customised story book.
To Contact Dani Crawshaw Illustrations
Phone: 07773 517 358


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