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Today I am thrilled to welcome Claire Spake Design to the Blog and spotlight on her passion for  lovely card and paper things.

Claire says initially of her work “I really love old bits of paper. Victorian scraps, old prints, little pen and ink drawings, watercolours – basically anything old and on paper.”

“My dad is a dealer in antique works on paper so I grew up surrounded by the stuff! Lots of my stationery is either influenced by, or directly incorporates, vintage paper loveliness!”




Claire shares a wee bit more of her background and what she does,


Who are you and what do you do ? 

“I’m Claire Spake, owner of Clare Spake Design. I’m an illustrator and since 2006 I’ve been working for myself producing illustrations, wedding stationery, cartoons and more.”
“In 2012 I started letterpress printing with my husband in a log cabin at the bottom of my garden. Letterpress is an old way of hand-printing.”
“I produce all types of stationery including invitations, save the date cards, table plans, place cards and order of service booklets. Almost all of my work is bespoke and either hand-painted, hand-drawn or hand-printed.”
When and why did you start your Business? 
“I started my business in 2006 because I had wanted to be an illustrator since I was a small child and have a passion for drawing and stationery.”
What inspires you? 
“I’m inspired by the past mainly. I’ve collected antique prints and vintage postcards for the last 20 years and they often inspire me or are used directly in my work.”
“I’m  also inspired by any craftsperson, or person who works with their hands.”
Do trends have any impact on your design ? 
“Yes and no. Clearly things come in and out of fashion, particularly fonts, colours and motifs.”
“I like to reflect trends in my work, and, as most of my work is bespoke, brides will often ask for something that is ‘on-trend’.”
“However some people want something totally unique, and the influence of trends or fashion is less visible.”
What has been your greatest achievement?
“My greatest achievement has been to do the job I love for seven years and to meet lots of interesting people along the way!”
Whats the future for your Business? 
“I’d like to develop the letterpress side of my business more.
“As well as painting, drawing and creating designs out of vintage ephemera we also letterpress in our ‘posh’ shed in the bottom of the garden.”
“My husband does all the printing and I do the design and he’s keen to get his hands dirty!”
freak chat
deer friend
 victorian letters
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Thanks to Claire for sharing her fantastic, creative and expressive work on the Blog. I love how very out of the ordinary it is and how the designs relay the story of the Wedding day in a very eye catching way.
To Contact Claire Spake Design
Phone: 07854 520254
Cake Topper Image Credit –  Rebecca Prigmore Photography
Profile Photos – Matt Parry Photography


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