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Today I am thrilled to welcome Leicestershire Wedding Photographer Lumiere Photography as a brand new Sponsor on the Plans and Presents Wedding Blog.

Alix Marina-Chouhan is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Leicestershire.


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I hand over to Alix to tell you all about her work…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hi, I’m Alix, a French photographer living in England with my husband and children.”

“I photograph people from birth onwards to capture authentic emotional moments in their lives.”

“My focus is to give beautiful images so full of emotions you can feel them again whenever you see the photos. I shoot from the heart.”

“I trained in techniques that help you interact, forget the camera, connect with each other so I capture the relationship and authentic interactions.”

“I found that I didn’t want photos of my loved ones posed and stiff.”

“I wanted to remember their expressions of surprise, laughter, love or whatever they were feeling at the time, these images are full of life and more and more precious as time goes on.”

“ So my priority is to create moments you want to remember and capture that feeling.”

“I photograph weddings of many cultures and mixed cultures too, may be because I’m French and my husband is Gujarati.”

“What my clients have in common is that they’re people who embrace some aspects of the tradition but want their wedding to be like them, to reflect their personalities, so they weave in personal touches to make their day a bit different.”


 Leicestershire Wedding Photographer, Lumiere Photography


When, and why did you start your Business

“I started Lumiere in 2009 after a friend who’d asked me to take some images at his wedding said he liked my photos better than his photographer’s.”


Leicestershire Wedding Photographer, Lumiere Photography


What inspires you?

“I love learning and take inspiration from other photographers, films, painters etc.”

“I do some more posed work for fun, to experiment and play around light, techniques, genres. I love the Renaissance.”


 Leicestershire Wedding Photographer, Lumiere Photography


Do trends influence your work?

“I tend to like images that will be timeless so even though I love props I don’t have too many myself as I prefer the images to reflect the people rather than impose a look.”

“ If someone wants to do a themed shoot I am up for it, I love adventures, but I don’t want the photos to be too predictable and fashionable as I think they date fast.”

“Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse in that respect.”


 Leicestershire Wedding Photographer , Lumiere Photography


What is your greatest achievement?

“I think it’s raising my kids, learning from them, keeping them safe and teaching them to be free.”

“It’s also learning about love with my husband, and never giving up. Love is the most beautiful journey.”


Leicestershire Wedding Photographer , Lumiere Photography


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I love doing destination weddings and I want to travel more.”

“I also want to do more family portraits as they are so precious.”

“Nowadays people have lots of phone photos but few they can print and have round the house and they’re never all in the photo.”

“I’d like to train other photographers in the connection techniques I’ve trained in, and I would also I love to have one or two other photographers with the same outlook, values and sensibility join Lumiere.”


Leicestershire Wedding Photographer, Lumiere Photography


Thanks so much to Alix for coming on board and I look forward to sharing much more of her beautiful work.


To Contact Lumiere Photography



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