Jon Kruger – A new Menswear Concept – Customisable and Bespoke Suits

Today it is my great pleasure to share the work of Jon Kruger,  a new menswear concept offering affordable, customisable  and bespoke suits.

Its often the Bride that is the focus, but a Groom and his Groomsmen want to look sharp for their special day and what better way than with a custom suit.


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The premise of Jon Kruger is that they are a young bespoke menswear brand aiming to offer a realistic alternative to off the peg suits.

The story begins in a small Shanghai shop, owned by a lovely chap called Mr Zhu.

He didn’t speak a word of English, but he knew how to cut a great suit, and for a reasonable price at that.

He thought it would be nice to share his knowledge with friends and family, and things progressed from there.


Prices start at £350 for a two-piece suit and £400 for a three-piece suit, with discounts of £50 per suit available for bookings of 3 or more (this is aimed at best men, fathers, groomsmen etc).

It is a visiting service, so they come to you at a time convenient, including weekends and evenings, with delivery of the finished piece in 3-4 weeks.

There are over 300 pure wool and linen fabrics to choose from, as well as a large range of design and styling options, all included for a flat price.

There are also lots of options for detailing, for instance, customers can opt to have stitching in a colour that matches the colour theme/bridesmaids’ dresses.


The Service comes down to 4 points –


Fit – Every bespoke suit goes through a rigorous 12-step pressing process to ensure that each section moulds to your shape for a perfect fit.

Quality – The highest quality of workmanship goes into assembling each garment, delivering the final touches by hand.

By hand-stitching the arm to the shoulder, and providing reinforcement to each and every button,  each suit will have a superior look and finish.

Each and every component has been carefully selected to ensure a comfortable fit that is lightweight and long-lasting.

As you would expect from a tailor-made suit, all of Jon Kruger suits come with functional cuff buttonholes, coin pockets and adjusters on the waistband.

Fabric – They only use pure wool for our   bespoke suits – it’s soft, luxurious and breathable.

It also has the remarkable ability to react to different climates and regulate your temperature in both hot and cold environments, making it good for all year round.

Customisation – Beyond the normal requests for a colourful stitch on the cuff, or an extra slim fit, Jon Kruger will gladly try and meet your more bespoke desires.

They have provided an extra-large inside jacket pocket wide enough for an iPad Mini and embroidered a wife’s initials onto the waistband of one of their customer’s trousers.


They are often asked what the characteristics of a Jon Kruger suit are. What is it that makes it extra special?

They like to say,  “It’s whatever you want it to be…make the suit yours. Be it that bright and fun lining, colourful stitching or a hidden embroidered message.”


bespoke suit, customisable suit, jon kruger, menswear concept

bespoke suit, customisable suit, jon kruger, menswear concept

bespoke suit, customisable suit, jon kruger, menswear concept

bespoke suit, customisable suit, jon kruger, menswear concept

bespoke suit, customisable suit, jon kruger, menswear concept


A bespoke suit goes beyond a Wedding Day and acts as an investment in Events of the future making it a savvy spend, as well as making you look and feel amazing.


To Contact Jon Kruger 



Phone: 07821 143 151






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