Just for Eve – Bespoke Bridal Knickers – Making an Undercover statement

Sometimes slipping on something a wee bit special under your clothes can make you feel amazing, and these Bespoke Bridal knickers and garters from Just for Eve are beautiful.




Just For Eve is a couture brand who pride them selves on making beautiful timeless pieces.

For a bride wanting something vintage or traditional to the modern and contemporary their accessories are created to be stunning, unique worthy additions to any brides attire – memories of a special day and a reminder Brides will want to keep forever.  

They design using the finest silk, ribbon’s, lace’s, tulle’s and vintage accessories.


I had a chat with Ali at Just for Eve to find out her story,


Who are you and what do you do?

“I am Ali Simmons and I am the founder and creator of Just For Eve, we create bespoke bridal knickers and bridal garters.”

When and why did you start your business?

“I started my business in April 2012.”

“I had a friend who was getting married and I wanted to give her something different, something personal and something she could keep.”

“It came to me when I was standing in Marks and Spencer lingerie department – a pair of bridal knickers with her new married name embroidered on the back.   She loved them and so did a lot of other friends, it was then I realised this was a great business opportunity.”

What inspires you?

“Inspiration comes from all around me, it can be a particular shade of colour, or a sparkly pair of earrings, or a pattern in a wall paper, or a wedding photo it can be anything that fires my imagination.”

Do trends have any impact on your design?

“Because all our garments are bespoke it means we are not restricted by trends, we can tailor a garter or add an embroidery colour that matches the brides wedding theme.”

What has been your greatest achievement?

“So far my greatest achievement has been getting Just For Eve started and off the ground, its been completely out of my comfort zone and a huge learning curve.”

“If you had said to me this time last year this is where I’d be now I would of laughed and probably had a nervous breakdown.  Its been stressful, tiring, hectic but over overwhelmingly I have loved every minute of it.”

What is the future for your business?

“The future is to keep developing and adding new garments to our erxisting bespoke bridal knickers and garters.”

“I am very excited about the year ahead I have some great new lines coming soon, to develop the website further and to let Just For Eve grow organically.”


 Below are just a few of Just for Eve’s products.


Bespoke Diamonte Bridal Knicker


Aqua Just Married Bridal Knicker

Aqua Just Married Knicker 17 - 4

Vintage Rye Bridal Garter


Romin Bridal Garter  


Bespoke Bridal Gift Sets



I love a statement from Ali “There is nothing like the feeling of purchasing a garment so pretty that you feel like a million dollars when you wear it!”” and I agree wholeheartedly with the concept.

Any woman, and especially a bride wants to feel beautiful, and when you feel that, you smile and your natural confidence radiates even more and happiness is infectious and wonderful to see.

Thanks to Ali for sharing her gorgeous products.


To Contact Just for Eve


Web: http://www.justforeve.co.uk/

Email: justforeve@live.co.uk

Phone: 07581 113 523

Blog: http://www.justforeve.co.uk/Blog_1.html






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