Katya Katya Shehurina ~ Flowers of the Valley Bridal Gown Collection

Inspired by the ethereal landscape view of the relaxed picturesque settings of the country side, Katya Shehurina releases her highly anticipated Bridal Gown Collection for 2016/2017 ~ Flowers of the Valley.

Latvian born, London designer Katya wows the bridal industry with impressive design work that continues to change bridal from the fad, predictable old styles to the new fresh approach with in-trend styles for the bride wanting to look glamourous, release her fun side and enjoy her wedding day to its fullest, truly reflecting who she is.

Vintage inspired, worn by todays modern bohemian bride, confidence outshines as self and equally with her partner.




French floral, decorative lace and tulle flow with the soft breeze of the Valleys fresh air as the bride stands in a field of wildflowers.

Soft flowers trail over the body, joining the gown with hand crafted applique with natural wood and contrasting Swarovski embellishments reflecting the wilderness’s sublime surroundings.

Light in nature and in form Katya Shehurina lays the grounds for any romance.

Fresh pastel colours of silk taffeta flowers of the valley rest on the shoulders of the bride, reflecting showers of cherry blossom leaves.

Candy pin stripe French lace is a new bold step with Katya’s designs this season elongating the body joint with the crisp scalloped edging of pure decadence.

Not forgetting the back detail, Katya frames the back masterfully with baroque style scalloping along with the on-trend bohemian feel of the off-the-shoulder neckline to increase comfort in her already popular unstructured gowns.

Mixing versatility with all of her gowns and encouraging the bride to show her true colours, Katya brings in the new soft colours of Pastel lilacs and powder pink.

Joint with the continuing popular choices of Nude, Off-white and Sky blue slips these bring diversity in the bride’s gowns changing from Day to Night with the simple change of a slip.


Look 1 ~ Layla ~ £1800

An elegant movement of French lace and tulle creates this gown.

Scalloping detail join neckline to raglan style cut sleeves with a cap sleeve just resting softly on the tip of the shoulders.

A linen bodice is incorporated in this gown to increase comfort, soft to the line.

Lace flowers are hand sewn with care on the waist line and from waist to hem the lace falls beautifully with lace scallop detail along the hem.





Look 2 ~ Liberty ~ £2100

Off-the-Shoulder gown with full versatility of colour,this is the perfectly light bohemian gown for that country side wedding.

Non restrictive in any way, the off the shoulder sleeves releases the bride to full movement.

The gown move#s perfectly with the bride held in loosely at the waist.

The skirt falls effortlessly with a bordering of French lace along soft tulle.

Hand embellished silk taffeta flowers rest perfectly along the top of the loose bohemian sleeves and with a microfibre slip teamed with the gown, the possibilities of colour are endless.





Look 3 ~ Fiona ~ £1800

Closely fitted, vintage inspired lace create this wedding gown of pure decadence.

Embracing the curvature of the bride and the bride oozes confidence with the body that she holds.

The open V-Neck neckline follows to long length bordered French lace sleeves with lace softly touching the top of the hands.

A fitted at the waist skirt follows down the figure with a flare of skirt starting from the lower thigh creating the divine silhouette.

The sweep train finalises the gown with the silk slip complimenting.





Look 4 ~ Sonnet ~ £2200

Bordered round the neck French Lace join with soft in colour silk taffeta flowers.

Hugging the silhouette, this gown hugs the sensual figure of the bride, skimming off the body with complete ease with the lower skirt flaring from the skirt away from the hips.

Fitted along the bodice, sleeves are long in length resting on top of the hand for a romantic look.

Sonnet is a gown that speaks for itself. Complimented with a silk slip.





Look 5 ~ Laurel ~ £2000

Highly versatile and minimalistic this vintage inspired lace wedding dress is full of fun and quirky features.

Graphic floral French lace embraces this gown with all the features to match.

A straight boat neckline sits at the front of the gown and waterfalls down the back into a low Open V-neck back.

Pockets add that little comfort and brings a relaxed feel, painting the perfect surroundings for this gown with a bohemian wedding surrounded with wild flowers.

Complimented with skilfully hand embellished belt using the finest of Swarovski details and wood beading to relax the feel of sparkle.

Complimented with a silk slip.





Look 6 ~ Isla ~ £2000

‘Isla’ is a closely fitted, vintage inspired lace wedding dress that makes a statement.

Embracing the sensual body of the woman, embracing the body that she holds.

The open V-Neck neckline is adorned with lace scalloping following in to long length sleeves with lace softly touching the top of the hands.

A fitted at the waist skirt follows down the figure with a flare of skirt starting from the lower thigh equalling the curvature of the brides figure.

The sweep train finalises the gown with the slight open back keeping interest from all angles.

Complimented with an Italian silk slip.





Look 7 ~ Hazel ~ £2100

Bold, fun and elegant all rolled into one.

This is the dress to match that care-free wedding you always planned to have!

Fun and fresh compared to your typical wedding dress, the comfortable polka dot sleeves contrasting (but also complimenting) the floral French lace.

A boat neck lays across the collar bones and fits close to the bust and waist, clinched in by our specially hand embroidered belts using the finest of Swarovski Elements.

The skirt falls, finished with a gathered bohemian styled kick flare scalloped skirt.





Look 8 ~ Skye ~ £1500

A simple elegant silhouette, soft to skin tulle creates this wedding gown that purely speaks for its self.

Soft in feel and light in weight Skye is a gown that creates a show with every move, flowing with every step.

Sleeveless with a sheer neckline Skye is complimented with a skilfully hand embellished Swarovski belt to clinch in and compliment a desired waist line.





Look 9 ~ Bay ~ £1900

This gown is destined to be the most popular gowns of the Flowers of the Valley Collection.

Ladder French lace runs down, elongating the length of the brides body teamed with the floral circle lace bordering the sides of the figure giving the illusion of a perfectly shaped body.

High in neck but complimented with a deep V-Neck, the length of design features in this gown are endless.





Look 10 ~ Alice ~ £2300

For the bride who would like the off the shoulder look but still feel covered on the top of the chest, Alice is perfect with its illusion neck line.

Cool, easy and moving with every step of the bride, this gown has true character.

Hugging on the sensual figure, this gown hugs the hips and falls out in panels to a flared skirt creating the perfect hourglass figure.

Also included with this gown is one of our skilfully hand embellished Swarovski belt to clinch in and compliment a desired waistline.





Look 11 ~ Magnolia ~ £3100

French floral lace unique in style the decorative lace contrasts with the pin stripe lace, bordering the shoulders frame of the bride following into long length sleeves, creating a posture of elegance while elongating the body.

Clinched in at the waist is the gathered silk taffeta skirt to add the appearance of relaxed drama.





Look 12 ~ Mirabelle ~ £1600

Unique in style and silhouette, Mirabelle is a gown to cause a stir with its style!

A beautiful silhouette with a peplum skirt made of French lace, joint with soft tulle the gown moves with every step of the bride.

Pin stripe lace mixed with decorative floral lace make the perfect match, bordering the elegant posture of the bride finished off with the stunning Scallop edged cap sleeves.

Also included with this gown is one of our skilfully hand embellished Swarovski belt to clinch in and compliment a desired waist line.





Look 13 ~ Aria ~ £1800

A beautifully different gown, elongating the brides figure with the gowns mixture of decorative Floral French lace and pin stripes running up and down the body.

With a slight curved neckline following in to cap sleeves and the hem matching with the scalloping detail of the unique lace this is definitely a gown
to be different.

A satin belt clinches in and compliment a desired waist line with also a microfibre slip comes included with the gown giving the bride versatility in colour for her big day.





Look 14 ~ Lilac ~ £1200

A truly relaxed choice of gown, oozing style.

This gown gives the illusion of a two piece gown joined together perfectly,  ¾ length sleeves compliment a box fit of the top.

The high boat neckline is embellished skilfully by using the finest of Swarovski elements.

A high neckline flows from the high neck to an open v-neckline at the back joint with the style of an opened illusion back to produce movement to the top of the gown.

Joint with the beauty of the French lace top the skirt flows gracefully wit h soft and light in weight tulle.





Look 15  ~ Maisie ~ £1200

A fun and free dress for the bride who wants to dance around and push away from the traditional wedding dress.

Sleeveless with an illusion tulle neck line this is the kind of dress to enjoy your glass of Pimms on your summer wedding day.

Mid-calf in length the skirt embraces a full powder pink tulle skirt with a petticoat to embrace a teacup shaped skirt.

Integrated into the gown is a light off-white microfibre under garment.

Also included with this gown is one of our skilfully hand embellished Swarovski belt made in our studio to clinch in and compliment a desired waist line.





Look 16 ~ Summer ~ £1900

Bold, Graphic floral French Lace mimics the two-piece imitation gown with contrasting Italian silk taffeta skirt. ¾ length sleeves frame a silk flower embroidered waist line with a box pleat skirt perfect to show off those specially selected shoes.

Shorted to the ankle length while gradually lengthening to a full length train at the back, this gown is perfect for the city bride not wanting her gown to get in the way when traveling from wedding to reception or to not get in the way of her dance moves later on in the evening.





Look 17 ~ Gardenia ~ £1200

An ever popular style continued to the new collection, Gardenia is a straight scalloped neck line giving the illusion of a poised posture following into an open back to open movement to the gown.

Long sleeves follow the length of the arm with soft French lace scalloping resting on the top of the hand.

Silk taffeta and French lace join together forming the skirt for unstructured volume making the gown versatile from day to night.





Look 18 ~ Ariel ~ £1900

A new and initiative style from Katya Shehurina is Ariel.

High at the neck with a lace polo neck, following into an elegant long blouse cut graduating in length to the back, this gown might miss the neck line but concentrates on the sensual curve of the hips, elongating the brides body.

From the waist the skirt follows down the silhouette and going out with a kick flare skirt from the thigh.

Mimicking a two piece gown, this gown continues in detail at the back with an animated bow and the open slit of the blouse cut top bringing movement to the gown.





Look 19 ~ Maya ~ £2500

New in style from Katya Shehurina, is the very relaxed but magnificent, Maya.

Off the shoulder and sleeves rest with ease along the tops of the arms exposing the shoulders with grace.

Clinched in at the waist with a skilfully embroidered belt using only the finest of Swarovski elements.

Flowing from the waist an A-line skirt of soft French lace and silk taffeta skirt continues to the back as a skirt flowing into a train complimented by the gowns dipped back neck line.





Look 20 ~ Opal ~ £1600

Contrasting with fine French lace and pleated tulle, this gown pillars the Brides figure.

The lace then frames the chest with frames the chest with scalloped detailing forming into a V-neck.

The waist is brought in with an embroidered belt using only the finest of Swarovski elements.

Framing the hips, lace hugs the hips revealing a diamond frame flowing soft pleated tulle in Grecian Styling.





Look 21 ~ Darya ~ £1900

The French lace of Darya is a unusual lace that a bride would of dream of!

Circular floral French lace makes this dress (along with its gorgeous features) a gown destined to be a favourite for all.

A softly squared neck line with eyelash scalloped finishing, the neck line flows into a deep dipped bohemian back.

Flowing from the waist, Darya is clinched in from the waist with a simple satin sash, flowing from skirt to train.





Look 22 ~ Meadow ~ £1900

A modern gown with a traditional silhouette,  Meadow ticks all the boxes for the style conscious bride.

T-shirt cut sleeves boasting freshly modern French lace creating a two piece illusion line, joining the clinched in the waist with a panelled Italian Silk Taffeta skirt.





Look 23 ~ Love ~£1900

Boasting a deeply unique French floral lace,  Love as a gown is truly original in style.

Sleeveless and a V-neck line finished with scalloping detail.

The bodice fits to the waist.

The skirt sits on the waist with an A-line box pleat.

Floral lace gives the illusion of a peplum skirt with pin stripe lace following the length of the skirt elongating the body.





Look 24 ~ Irene ~ £3100

A gown of true decadence this is a definitely a gown to impress your partner and wedding guests.

Delicately placed around the body, flowers trail around the brides body creating a feminine and soft touch.

The flowers trail across the shoulder and fall down the arms in a full length sleeves.

Soft tulle compliments the delicateness of the flowers with a full tulle skirt over an Italian Silk taffeta skirt.





Look 25 ~ Titania ~ £2800

A popular silhouette of dress that has always been popular every collection has been upgraded with this contrasting French lace mixing traditional and modern pleasing both ideologies of your dream wedding day.

A high neckline of delicate floral lace contrasts with the graphic Edwardian style lace bordering the back beautifully in a deep open back closed along the top of the back.

Delicate lace continues to a fully gathered skirt underlined with Italian silk taffeta falling into a train.

With a full skirt but with the signature lightness that Katya Shehurina has in all of her gowns, you can trust that you can still have the tradition of a larger bridal skirt but being continually comfortable to enjoy your wedding day, all day.





Look 26 ~ Lyric  ~ £1500

Beautiful Grecian style pleating crossing across the body creates a gown oozing a classic style with a twist for the modern bride.

Made of soft tulle that floats with every movement of the bride this gown will compliment every step taken.

With a nude under gown to soften the feel and cool colour this is a gown that creates a figure of pure desired curves.

Embellished on the shoulder are our skilfully hand sewn Italian Silk Taffeta flowers embellished with the finest fresh water pearls.

Complimented with a micro fibre slip with French lace V-neck.





Look 27 ~ Luna ~ £1800

A perfect delicate French lace gown perfectly light for a summer wedding but also covered enough for a winter wedding.

This gown is perfect for all seasons.

French lace scalloping creates a beautiful V-neck continuing into a s light V-neck back.

Soft lace fits along the arms in a full length sleeve with the lace softly resting upon the hand.

A Gathered Italian silk taffeta skirt and soft tulle join together to create a full skirt, light as a feather perfect for the bride who wants the traditional silhouette without the uncomfortableness of a weighty gown.

Embracing a fitted waist is a skilfully hand-made belts sewn using the finest of Swarovski elements.





Look 28 ~ Brynn ~ £2300

The French lace bodice flows from a clinched in hand embellished Swarovski belt to an illusion neckline to create a smaller waist.

Layers of tulle to create a full (but light) fun skirt.

From the creation of Brynn this has been the dress of the season.

Highly sought for and a favourite with many already, there is no question why this is the wedding gown that everyone desires.





Look 29 – Oriana ~ £1500

French lace with Polka dots teamed with Soft tulle is the fun and statement dress for the care-free bride who wants to enjoy the day and push the
boundaries of the typical wedding dress while still feeling feminine.

A V-Neck is a favourable contrast to the round polka dots and the scalloping of the French lace sit at cap sleevelength.

A peplum skirt softly graduates the gown from lace to soft tulle perfectly.

The gathered tulle skirt flows perfectly with every moment of the bride complimenting every step that is taken.

Complimented with a microfiber slip giving the possibilities of colour for any bride.





Look 30 ~ Primrose ~ £1900

Romantic French lace wedding gown with a lace scalloped open V-neck and matching back falling into a deep V-neck with frill detail softening the V-neck line.

Butterfly cap sleeves and a train create this vintage inspired lace wedding dress.

The detachable belt is our unique design and is embellished  with iridescent Swarovski crystals and beads and complimented with a microfibre slip.





Fashion forward Brides can achieve beautiful retro styling for their Big Day with these chic bohemian styles.
I love how although an affinity for vintage style resonates throughout her work, Katya creates pieces that are contemporary  bringing past eras bang up to date.


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Katya Katya Shehurina’s flagship London Boutique is located in the heart of Soho at: 7 Smiths Court London W1D 7DP.


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