Lace and Co – Romantic Fairytale Wedding Dresses and Vintage – Inspired Gowns

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on Lace and Co, an exclusive Bridal Boutique in Yorkshire thats specialises in romantic fairytale wedding dresses and vintage – inspired gowns, all with a hint of lace.

The beautiful vintage-inspired bridal boutique, which is located in the lovely village of Horbury hosts a collection of stunning wedding gowns from a range of designers.

The boutique showcases many beautiful wedding dresses with differing colour and embellishment from vintage creams to contemporary pastels, beautiful art deco motifs to sophisticated illusion panels and all with just a hint of Lace.

Additionally they hope to provide you with helpful tips and advice on all the latest styles, designs and colour palettes with Fabric and style guides.


Lace & Co bridal boutique, yorkshire bridal boutique, image Toast of Leeds , Heidi Waring - owner



I had a wee chat to the lovely Heidi Waring to find out more….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are a pretty bridal boutique, located in the lovely village of Horbury in Yorkshire that specialise in beautiful French lace bridal gowns and vintage-inspired 1950s and 1960s tea-length dresses.”

“We like to offer our brides something a little different to most contemporary bridal shops.”

“Our dream is to find the dress that perfectly matches each bride’s unique personality.”

“Whether that is a fun and flirty spotted tulle & lace 1950s wedding dress, a romantic fairytale ballgown, a vintage-inspired apricot tea-length dress or a divine elegant 1920s silk bridal gown.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I am incurable romantic at heart and love anything wedding related but there is something particularly special about wedding gowns.”

“There are so many different styles available today, from the elegant 1920s and the 1930s art-deco styles to the gorgeous 1950s intricate lace, tea-length dresses and today’s more modern, sexy column gowns.”

“I spent years dreaming about having my own boutique filled with stunning, beautiful, wedding dresses and last year I finally decided to go for that dream and make it a reality.”


What inspires you?

“So many different things inspire and motivate me.”

“Ultimately I just want the boutique to be a fantastic success and somewhere that brides love to come and be happy that they’ve bought their dress from us.”

“I love looking at what other successful boutiques and other peers in the wedding industry do, I often to ask what works well for them and what advice they can offer.”

“In one of the first copies of Bridal Buyer I read, there was an article on Frou Frou in Tunbridge Wells and I just loved it.”

“I remember thinking “I love their style, they’ve got it right!”

“Every time a bride visits us and says how much she loves our little boutique and that she hasn’t experienced anything similar or seen dresses like ours anywhere else, I get even more inspired and motivated to get it absolutely right, for the brides and for myself.”


Do trends influence work?

“Trends are a vital part of the wedding industry, whether it is a trend in the styles of gowns, in the fabric used or even in the theme of a wedding.”

“I love the fact that there are so many different styles of wedding now that are absolutely ‘on trend’ such as 1950s, Vintage, Bohemian, Festival-themed, Contemporary, Woodland, the list goes on and on.”

“I also love that having a theme attached to a wedding can really help a bride focus her energies by planning her flowers, favours, photographer etc all around her theme.”

“However I also think it is very important that a bride’s personality doesn’t get lost in the process.”

“My favourite weddings are where the bride mixes it up with whatever works best for her and her hubbie.”

“I have a number of brides who are having a traditional church wedding but wearing a beautiful vintage-inspired dress and having a reception filled with lots of fun DIY and 1950s touches”

“In one wedding the bride is wearing spotty converse trainers to match her spotty wedding dress. Perfect!”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Opening the boutique last October was a dream come true and the culmination of many years hard work.”

“Each step since from the first dress arriving from the designer to the first sale to a bride and the first actual wedding has been a major milestone and another achievement.”

“Every time I have an appointment and the bride leaves smiling with her family I feel happy all over again that this is now the job I do and what an incredible privilege it is.”

“As we are fairly new, we haven’t won any awards as yet but we are receiving fantastic feedback and recommendations from brides.”

“We are now looking to enter a number of local and national awards under the categories of New Retailer and Best Customer Service.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“For now our aim is simply to develop our brand, get the message out about our lovely boutique and the wonderful personal service that we offer our brides and of course expand our gorgeous collection of wedding dresses.

“I would love for our boutique to be renowned for having the most exquisite, fun and beautiful wedding dresses as well as unbeatable customer service.”



Lace & Co bridal boutique, yorkshire bridal boutique, Image Credit - Toast of Leeds Photography

Lace & Co  bridal boutique, yorkshire bridal boutique, image credit - Toast of Leeds Photography

Lace & Co bridal boutique, yorkhsire bridal boutique, image Toast of Leeds photography

Wentworth Castle Garden vintage shoot by Toast of Leeds Photography, lace and co bridal boutique

Wentworth Castle Garden vintage shoot by Toast of Leeds Photography, lace and co bridal boutique



Thank you so much to Heidi for inviting us into her beautiful boutique.

For a little inspiration or a look at just a few of the beautiful wedding dresses they have in their collection, check out their lovely Collection Boards.


To Contact Lace & Co



Phone: 01924 277725






Al images (Boutique and on location in Wentworth Castle) courtesy – Toast of Leeds Photography


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