Lady Bakewell Park – Fine British baked goods and sweet treats

Today I am thrilled to shine the spotlight on Lady Bakewell Park, creator of fine British baked goods and sweet treats.

Whether its for an event, a Wedding or just because, these delicacies reminisent of baking in days gone by are just a bit special.


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I hand over to the Lady to tell us all about her lovely Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Becky aka Lady Bakewell-Park, a self taught baker living on the Suffolk/Essex border.”

“My baking business was born out of a passion for fine baked goods, using, wherever possible, locally sourced ingredients.”

“Lady B’s signature bake is the petits fours Bakewell tart. The petits fours (meaning “small ovens” in french) work wonderfully for an afternoon tea stand, as well as something to have with your mid morning coffee or an after dinner treat.”

“They sum up who I, or Lady B is; a familiar, delicate, refined entity,that although small, still manages to pack a flavourful punch in its entirety.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“Lady B was born as a pseudynom blog name some five years ago whilst I lived in a small – bijou – flat in East London, charting baking adventures, life in London, and at the time, wedding planning.”

“Now, the blog and social media allows lovers of fine baked goods to engage with me on all levels, both in and out of the kitchen.”

“The blog invites the customer to learn about me and my life, investing  a little in my lifestyle and those around me, as well as say, a Treacle Tart.”

“One of LBP’s crucial aims is to create a brand that brings to life baking and the baker for the consumer.”




What inspires you?

“Lady B is inspired by classic baking, with one of my strong objectives being that the brand – my name – becoming synonymous with memories of familiar, fine British baked goods.”

“I like to take a classic British staple; think Victoria sponge, Battenburg’s, the Bakewell Tart, and bake it with the best produce available and create a delicate and fine bake that the consumer is already familiar with.”

“It’s about reaching out to the customer and allowing their memories to dictate the menu.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Lady B was named within the Top 100 for Small Business Saturday in 2014, and I was invited to Downing Street which was really exciting.”

“I have also been shortlisted for local awards.”

“LBP is also a registered Prince’s Trust business and a member of Tastes of Anglia.”




What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I have  some top secret hopes and dreams in the pipeline… so watch this space.”


Weddings and Events

“Lady B is a favourite for weddings. We provide bespoke personalized wedding favours, dessert tables, and wedding cakes.”

“The petits fours make great favours, alongside our personalized biscuits, and both can be used as name places.”

“We also cater functions, parties and events like Hen Do’s, Baby Shower’s and Birthday’s.”







Thank you so much to Lady B (Becky) for sharing an insight into her work.

What can I say about these beautiful baked goods – the brownies are one of the best I have ever tasted, just melting in the mouth and are a true piece of baking heaven.

Her delicate cookies are both visually pleasing, as well as tasty,  and perfection as an individual wedding favour.

Definitely an amazing step back into the past where baking was baking, stripped back and natural and very very nice.


To Contact Lady Bakewell Park



Phone: 07841922677





All Images credited to: Laura Ellen Photography


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