Laugh Staff… speech writing rockstars and the nervous speakers new best friend

Comedians Write, You Speak, Everyone Laughs sounds like a great deal for the nervous best man or maid of honour so I am thrilled to introduce you to speech writing rockstars.. Laugh Staff.


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I hand over to co – founder Josh Womack to tell you all about this comedic brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Josh and I am the Co-Founder of Laugh Staff, a speech and content writing company composed of thirteen stand-up comedians from around the United States.

The team at Laugh Staff helps nervous best men and maids of honour from around the world write humorous and heartfelt wedding toasts.


When and why did you start your Company?

Laugh Staff went live in March of 2013 but the concept was almost a year in the making.

We started Laugh Staff for two reasons.

First, we know that the best man and or maid of honour speech can go horribly wrong for a number of reasons (lack of preparation, crude senses of humour…you’ve been to enough weddings, you know how it goes).

Unfortunately the wedding toast is often associated with fear from best men and maid of honours. We saw the wedding toast as something to look forward to and celebrate, not dread.

Our aim was to equip each and every best man or maid of honour with a stand-up comedian who is professionally funny.

Talk show hosts like David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Jonathan Ross, Alan Carr will have writers, so why not the wedding party?

With each comedian constructing a personalized speech with universal appeal, we thought there’s no better way than to give the nervous wedding toaster a great blueprint to work from.

Also in our speeches we include when to pause, smirk and who to look at after certain jokes…it’s a comedic script that the speech goer can use as much or as little as they like.

So we wanted to improve the public speaking aspect of the wedding number one, and number two, we wanted to give up and coming comedians a chance to earn a living during the day when they weren’t grinding it out at night.

Our team of comedians were hand-picked for their creativity, work ethic, responsiveness and of course, their humour.

Moonlighting as a part-time comedian since 2007, I know how comedians have to chase down work in order to keep the lights on.

Laugh Staff is trying to keep comedians away from collection agencies.


What inspires you?

The writing process inspires me as I get older.

The time, patience and thought that go into something creative is a journey I love taking. I can also say that the comedians at Laugh Staff love it when a client will email them back and say their speech went great or that a certain joke really killed.

There is nothing like the feedback from a live audience and we want the people we work with to feel empowered and confident.

There’s a good chance nobody in the room knows the best man or maid of honour had a comedian help them…that’s the beauty of Laugh Staff, we’re ghost writers.


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Do trends influence your work?

Our team of comedians have to pay attention to trends especially if there will be a pop culture reference in the speech.

If the best man makes a joke about the couple always being on Twitter, most of the room may not get it because Twitter is millennial-focused.

If in the speech we write that “Dan and Christina’s love is pure and selfless…like Kanye & Kim,” we have to make sure that when the speech is delivered, the two are still married!

Comedy is subjective but also universal.

Maybe the crowd wouldn’t understand a joke about Justin Bieber, or Facebook or even Tinder, but if we made a joke about the Father of the Bride being overly-protective in a Robert DeNiro Meet the Parents-type of way, then we’re speaking to everybody.


What is your greatest achievement?

Our greatest achievement is yet to come.

Thus far we’ve been blessed to write over 160 best man speech and maid of honour speeches for clients all over the world.

We’ve also wrote rehearsal dinner speeches, going away speeches and birthday party speeches.

Writing a portion of the president’s State of the Union address would be pretty cool!


What do you see as the future of your Company?

We see Laugh Staff as a comedic platform where stand-ups are utilized in everything but stand-up.

As well as a platform for helping those in Weddings and Celebrations we could be copywriting for radio, TV, print or email ads or it could be writing an entertaining business blog for a somewhat dry company (insurance agencies, financial planners, dry cleaners…get it, dry?).

We also would like to help the millions of singles out there with their online dating profiles.

Many people struggle to describe their best self, we can help.

By 2040 it is estimated that 7 out of 10 couples will have met online. We see that opportunity as a great way to bring humour into relationships


Thanks to Josh for sharing the teams story. As a self confessed shy speaker this would be perfection for me.

Everyone likes to get a laugh when public speaking and with your own personal speech writing team behind you,  you can wow your audience even though your tum might be doing the samba.


To Contact Laugh Staff


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