Life Illustrated – Bespoke Illustrations created from your photographs

Today I am delighted to share the work of Life Illustrated who create artwork by transforming your photographs into bespoke illustrations.

These are perfect unique gifts and keepsakes for weddings, anniversarys, and more..


life illustrated, digital illustrations, bespoke illustrations, wedding illustrations


I spoke to Mat Greer to find out all about his fabulous Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Mat and I’m the owner and creator of Life Illustrated. We create bespoke illustrations using photographs supplied to us by customers.

We create digital illustrations in Adobe Illustrator by tracing blocks of colour layer upon layer to build up the final artwork.

We will often discard partial or all background information to isolate the main subject/s to allow focus to be solely on them.


life illustrated, bespoke illustrations, digital illustrations, wedding illustrations


When and why did you start your Company?

I have been creating illustrations in this style for a few years for friends and family but decided to do this fulltime alongside my photography business in September 2014.

I wanted to create a unique gift that was stylish and modern but also affordable bespoke artwork.


Life illustrated, bespoke illustrations, digital illustrations, wedding illustrations


What inspires you?

I have been inspired by artists and designers that use block colour and love the idea that less is more.

UK artist Ray Richardson has always stuck with me since I was introduced to his work at school. Painters like Hockney and Hopper are also favourites of mine.


life illustrated, wedding illustration, bespoke illustrations, digital illustrations


Do trends influence your work?

Not trends so much but I have found that requests for different subject matters and styles have lead me into areas which we hadn’t necessarily thought about initially.


life illustrated, wedding illustration, bespoke illustrations, digital illustrations


What is your greatest achievement?

I am very pleased to be almost a year in to my business and going from strength to strength!

We sell our products through Not on the High Street which we were very pleased to achieve as they only select very few products to sell out off the hundreds of applications they receive each month.


bespoke illustrations, digital illustrations, wedding illustration, Life Illustrated


What do you see as the future of your Company?

We aim to expand our product range from solely prints to applying the artworks to wallpaper, cushions, blinds, mugs etc.

We plan to attend popular creative pop ups and secure articles in style/wedding/pet/children’s blogs and magazines to spread the word about Life Illustrated.

One of our bestsellers is our wedding illustrations.

Many wedding guest customers buy our wedding illustration gift cards to give on the day and the bride and groom will then choose their favourite shot to be made into an illustration.

The artwork is a real talking point in anyone’s home and we have received fantastic feedback.


Wedding illustrations are also perfect for first wedding anniversaries as this gift is traditionally paper.

We can also recreate artwork from old wedding photographs which keeps the images alive and restores them in a unique way for years to come.

Brides have given bridesmaids and parents gift cards as wedding thank you gifts so they too can choose a favourite image from the special day to create an illustration from, which is a really thoughtful, personal gift to receive.

We always work closely with any client to ensure they are happy with the illustration before printing. You can have the prints in various sizes and framing is also an option.

Our main categories are weddings, pets, family, children and hobbies but we can recreate almost any image.

We have recently received a fantastic image of a Vegas wedding with an Elvis impersonator registrar. Image will be coming soon on our twitter feed so keep a look out! @lifeillustrate.


Life illustrated, bespoke illustrations, digital illustrations, wedding illustration

Life illustrated, bespoke illustrations, wedding illustration, digital illustrations

digital illustrations, bespoke illustrations, wedding illustration, Life Illustrated

Life Illustrated, digital illustrations, bespoke illustrations, wedding illustration

Life-Illustrated, digital-illustrations, bespoke-illustrations , wedding-illustration


Thank you so much to Mat for sharing all about his bespoke illustrations.

What a beautiful gift for the couple who loves their art and wants to remember their big day not only in photographs but in something with a modern edge and with lots of style.


To Contact Life Illustrate



Phone: 07941 398 026




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