Little Joy Designs – A place where Happy happens!

Little Joy Designs are a family run business run by Kerry that have been creating wedding stationery, birth announcements, greetings cards, personalised prints and lovely things since 2011.

They are based in a happy little village just outside of Lincoln.


From the first moment you pop by Little JoyDesigns it does make you smile…its bright, its sunny and its inherent mission is to be a place where happy happens…

I had a chat to Kerry to find out all about this bubble of loveliness,

Who are you, and what do you do ?

“My name is Kerry and I run Little Joy Designs – creating personalised art prints (for new baby gifts, anniversaries, weddings or happy Tuesdays!), as well as wedding stationery and lovely free printables (full of activities for little people and grown ups).”

Little Joy Designs specialises in all things that ‘ll put a smile on your face.”

“Life is about appreciating the little things, enjoying what you have and spreading a little joy.”

“And so everything you ‘ll find at Little Joy Designs will make you have a facial expression characterised by an upwards curving of the corners of the mouth – or in other words – a little joy!”

Why, and when did you start your Business ?

“I ‘ve been designing for as long as I can remember, always pretty/quirky things. And so I ‘ve known for an age that I wanted to start up my own business.”

” But I got really brave about a year ago and haven ‘t look back since!”

“It ‘s so rewarding when the idea you had in your head becomes reality and people start to enjoy it – like my personalised art prints.”

” I always get such lovely comments back, as its just a nice touch to have something unique and personalised – rather than mass produced and dull.

What Inspires you ?

“Making people smile  and spreading some love.”

“My inspiration really centres around what would make people chuckle, or things that have a happy inducing side effect! Oh, and theres great quote I live by and that is from the great Ronald Dahl… ‘If you have good thoughts, they shine out of your face like sun beams ‘.

What trends do you see coming through and does this influence your work ?

“I must admit I do not follow trends so much, I mean – how many times have we seen a resurgence of the nautical theme…?”

” I guess my rule is, if it looks nice today and if it still looks good the day after then its works, you ‘ve got to love a design and keep loving it!”

What has been your favourite commission and why ?

“I ‘ve loved all my commissions whole heartedly. Its been a real pleasure working with all my clients, but I guess my fave is/will be my own wedding! For obvious reasons hehe…”

What’s your greatest achievement ?

“Getting brave and setting up Little Joy Designs. I ‘m also proud to say I built the site, you could call it a labour of love…”

What do you see as the future of your Business ?

“Ideally I ‘ll keep expanding, and keep making people happy through my design work.”

“Ultimately I ‘d just like to grow the business enough to live a simple life in a cottage in the countryside somewhere. The best way to live a happy life – is to live it simply..”







Thanks so much to Kerry for sharing her paper pretty on the Blog today, a philosophy of embracing the happy should most definetely be encouraged

To Contact Little Joy Designs



Phone: 07855 467 420







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    Had to leave a comment, even if it is on my own feature! But I just wanted to say thanks so very much. You’ve done an amazing job, I’m in awe 🙂 oh and I’m grinning from ear to ear! x

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