Live Life in Colour – Laboratory Grown coloured gemstone rings for your Wedding

Have you ever considered a laboratory grown coloured gemstone engagement ring as part of your Wedding jewellery?

Diamonds may be very beautiful, and traditionally popular but why not imagine an alternative contemporary choice that mirrors the colours of the rainbow.

If the last year and a half has taught us anything it is to live life in colour.

Living life in colour means bringing a sense of confidence, clarity, purpose and a distinct sense of adventure.

For me colour makes my heart sing so bringing vibrant hues to wedding plans makes perfect sense.

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are all regarded as precious gemstones.

This means that unlike semi-precious gems, precious gems are generally much more desirable due to the intricacies and remote origins of these gems.

Gemstones are formed over long periods of time by several processes including:

Igneous – These gemstones are created deep within the earth (Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire).

Hydrothermal – These gemstones are formed when amounts of mineral rich water cool (Emerald).

Metamorphic – These are gems that are ‘morphed’ due to intense heat and pressure (Sapphire, Ruby).

Sedimentary – Gems that form due to water depositing sediments, which dissolve in water where it later builds up and solidifies (Opal).

Environmental impacts of traditional mining of these gems largely depend on the methods used and the geological context that governs how easily the minerals can be separated from the ore material, but the overwhelming consequence is that it can be harmful to the earth.

Lily Arkwright is a luxury online jewellery retailer based in the United Kingdom shipping around the world.

They are proud to create engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewellery with diamonds as well as precious gemstones.

They are also passionate about creating an ethical, transparent and sustainable jewellery that can be worn safe in the knowledge no person, community or environment has been endangered in its creation.

Their gems are produced in a laboratory, meaning no mining is required.

All their coloured gemstones are sourced & produced by Chatham, a company founded over 75 years ago who today are the world’s leading source of high-quality laboratory-grown gems.

The gems have many unique and distinguishing shapes and cuts, and proportions, faceting and polishing are strictly controlled ensuring that all gemstones have maximum brilliance, high clarity, sparkle and vivid colour

When I got married in 2004, colour in your wedding jewellery choice wasn’t so much a thing but when I renewed vows in 2017 I very much wanted to incorporate my birthstone so now have an coloured gemstone wedding ring.

To that end I’m now sharing some of my Lily Arkwright coloured gemstone favourites to give you that encouragement to live your life in colour and consider choosing something you maybe hadn’t thought about before…


The blue sapphire is the gemstone of truth, faithfulness and the soul.

Diana’s regal setting features a dazzling Chatham medium blue sapphire oval cut centre stone, surrounded by a dazzling halo of lab diamond smaller stones.

This stunning ring is a true showstopper and channels ALL the Princess Diana vibes!

Derived from the Sinhalese word for lotus blossom, the fiery Padparadscha sapphire is a symbol of peace and enlightenment.

This is an unusual gemstone, replete with light pastel tones of orange and pink that bring to mind the flower after which it’s named.

Actually a specific type of sapphire, the Padparadscha is a unique jewel also favoured by royalty (Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring features one of these stunning stones).

An elegant twist on the classic solitaire, the Eden engagement ring gracefully partners with Ivy, the charming diamond pavé vine eternity band.

Showcasing a total of 28 diamonds either side of a Chatham padparadscha centre stone, this ring is truly set to sparkle.

The gorgeous yellow sapphire is a symbol of wisdom and prosperity and is believed to stimulate intellect.

This elegant and feminine 18K yellow gold engagement ring features a stunning oval cut Chatham medium yellow sapphire centre stone, perfectly complemented with a dazzling pavé setting of G/H SI conflict-free diamonds on each shoulder.

Its like a little piece of sunshine for your soul, and truly stands out as unique.

Throughout history, rubies have been recognised as one of the world’s most valuable gems with a deep and vivid blood red colour.

The amazing Lively ring features a stunning Chatham ruby, secured in a four claw setting designed to create breathtaking sparkle.

Adorning the rings shoulders are a row of shimmering round cut diamonds, set in a unique alternating marquise and round pattern, embellished with milgrain detailing.

Emeralds truly are the gems of goddesses, loved by Cleopatra, Venus, Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor.

This vibrant stone represents eternal love and devotion and its hue reflects the tones of nature.

Florence is a simply stunning lab-grown Emerald 4 prong solitaire ring, featuring an emerald cut Chatham® green emerald centre gemstone.

Cradled in a tapered band, and designed to perfect proportions, this refined setting lifts the centre emerald gemstone up to the light. This elegant design is the true mark of eternal love.

I’m a March Birthday girl though so my favourite is Lulu, a beautiful sea blue Aqua Spinel, as shimmery as the sun reflecting off the sea!

The incredible stone perfectly compliments both warm and cool tones, is fantastically durable and found in many crown jewels!

This sensational aquamarine solitaire ring features a stunning Chatham aqua spinel centre stone, exquisitely showcased by a delicate micro petite plain mount.

The 4 prong mount, crafted in 18K white gold, has been designed to secure and beautifully showcase even the largest of centre stones.
Its just really gorgeous, and something I would have considered if I was getting married right now.

If you’re planning to propose soon, or if you have just got engaged but not chosen your ring yet I hope this gives you help to make an informed decision on a coloured gemstone.


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