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Lolly’s Cakes & Candy was born of a love of baking and creating which was handed over through generations.

From simple floury beginnings many years ago through to the creative edible delicacies of today, that love has grown.

I am thrilled to talk to Lorraine McCarroll to find out more about her amazing Cakes,

 Wedding- Sunflower Cake


Who are you and what do you do ?

“My name is Lorraine  but friends and customers call me Lolly.”

“I run a bespoke bakery called Lolly’s Cakes & Candy based in North Lanarkshire serving central Scotland.”

“We make hand crafted and individually designed cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats for all occasions.”

When and why did you start your Business?

“I have always loved to bake.”

“My Gran passed her skills and her Be-Ro Baking book to me 25 years ago.”

“In 2010 my life long friend’s civil partnership was in the planning process and she asked me if I would make her a tower of cupcakes.”

“Of course I agreed but had never made so many at once. It was stressful but the finished tower was a proud achievement and the guests could not get enough!”

“After that I had requests from other friends, and gave starting a cake business serious consideration.”

“In May 2011 Lolly’s Cakes & Candy was born and has gone from strength to strength ever since.”
What inspires you?

“My peers. Without question.”

“I have a fabulous network of ‘Cakey Friends’ who inspire and encourage me every day. Some are local and are fabulous girls.”

“We help each other out, and on the occasions we are fully booked will often recommend one another to our customers.”

“Others are within the online community of Cake Artist’s that I am involved with. They help drive me to be the best I can be and are always there to help along the way.”

Do trends have any impact on your design, or is it all Client led ?

“They can do yes, for example pin wheels are very popular at the moment and can be incorporated into cake design.”

“Another example would be when the colour purple became very popular and we had an influx of purple themed requests.”

“Celebration cakes and cupcakes designs often tend to be based on children’s current interests, for example TV shows or video games.”

“When a bride (or groom!) approaches us they generally have a well defined theme for their wedding, and we use that to create a cake or cupcakes unique to them and their budget.”

“We are always open to ideas and suggestions to provide the best for our customers!”
What has been your greatest achievement?

“I think it has to be building my business from the ground up. I have been self employed for 6 years now as a registered childminder.”

“When the recession hit it had a significant ‘knock on’ effect to my childminding business, as parents hours were reduced or jobs lost.”

“The cake business was born mostly from demand but also necessity. It is now my main income and the children I mind are currently only with me for an hour or two a day.”

“To be able to provide for my own family doing something I love really is the greatest achievement I could imagine.”

Whats the future for your Business?

“In the next twelve months we are hoping to expand both in services, and pairs of hands with Lolly’s Cakes & Candy!”

“At the moment our website is still under construction with a view to launch next month.”

“Most of our business is driven through social media and we will continue to build on this.”

“Long term there is the dream of our own cake shop tea room with lots of vintage china and proper table covers! I have begun the china collection already…”

And now to the important bit…The Cakes….


Wedding- Tiered Lace

Cupcakes-Baby Shower

Cupcakes- Birthday bespoke

Wedding- Cupcake Tower

Cupcake-Stawberry delight

Birthday Cake- Finding Nemo

Wedding- Sunflower Tower


Thanks so much to Lorraine for sharing her work on the Blog. I had the very great pleasure to work with her in September last year on an Event and her cupcakes were exquisite and exceptionally tasty and most definetely recommended.



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    Thank you Alison! Honored to have been featured on your awesome blog! Lorraine @ Lolly’s Cakes & Candy

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