Love Lines – Bespoke line drawings and bespoke poems for weddings

To kick off the week I am thrilled to shine the spotlight on Love Lines, a brand new enterprise specialising in  bespoke line drawings for gifts and bespoke poems for wedding readings.

All inspired by love..


Love lines, bespoke poems, bespoke line drawings


I hand over to Sophie and Beth to tell us all about the blossoming brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are Sophie and Beth, a couple of friends who after years of requests for wedding gifts & readings from our friends, decided to be brave a set up our own company ‘Love Lines’!”

“Love Lines is a bespoke wedding gift company offering unique drawings and poetry as gifts for weddings.”

“Bethany is a poet who writes bespoke poetry as well as readings, and Sophie is an artist who creates personalised & unique drawings for presents.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“We started the company only one month ago, and we are going to launch officially in February in conjunction with UK Wedding Week and of course, Valentines day!”

“As explained, we started because our poems and artwork have been in demand for years and it made so much sense to partner up and make our services available to everyone!”


What inspires you?

Sophie: “I was paralysed in a car crash when I was 18, and Beth’s father passed away recently so we are both inspired to work hard and live life to the full because we know first hand how beautiful, fragile and precious life is.. and how important spreading LOVE is!”

Beth: “I am a massive book worm and love many writers, and that acts as huge inspiration for me.”

“Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights trilogy made me cry like a baby (at the age of 31!), anything by Haruki Murakami or David Mitchell. My favourite all time book is the History of Love by Nicole Krauss.”

“Being in nature (growing up in  the highlands of Scotland is probably to blame). Surrounded by forests, waterfalls or just going for a walk in the Downs or on the gorgeous beach in Brighton where I currently live feels like it is restoring my soul!”

“I am a massive child at heart so love children’s books, anything that feels slightly magical. Any greek myths, fairy tales or folklore have me enthralled.”

“Roald Dahl, William Blake, Lewis Carol, the list goes on! I am a sucker for romance whether it be in real life, books or films. When people get together to save the day, for example, and somewhat embarrassingly, Armageddon gets me every time.”

“Acts of random kindness, friends (Soph is a HUGE inspiration), taking chances, having adventures and being brave.”


Do trends influence your work?

Sophie: “Jade Beer, Editor of Brides Magazine, featured one of my Love Line artworks in her hugely influential magazine & then endorsed her work again in Glamour Magazine, stating that bespoke gives were very on trend this year.”

“In many ways Jade was the first person to see our potential and encourage us to set up our business, so the answer to that question would be yes!”

“Trends of course influence our work, but as creative girls we love to think outside the box, and even brave the idea that we may one day set the trend!”

Beth: “Yes and no. I like to know what is going on and what people are interested in, at the same time i think doing something completely unique can be equally exciting and, though perhaps more of a risk, can really pay off as well.”

“That’s why I am so excited about Love Lines, because while it may be becoming more of a trend to move away from the traditional wedding list type gift.”

“If you do choose to buy a Love Line then it will be utterly unique and personal too.”


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What do you see as the future of your Company?

Sophie: “At the moment the sky is the limit. We have very big dreams for Love Lines and have been so encouraged by the support and love we have seen so far on our very short journey!”

“Louise Beukes, founder of BLoved has expressed her support and together with her amazing business partner Jessie Thomson (Collectively known as Flourish & Prosper), have really helped us understand not only how to set realistic goals but more importantly how to achieve them!”

Beth: “I would love to see us be the go to place to get a unique and personal wedding gift.”

“For people to be truly touched by what we are doing and have a moment of the happiest day of their lives that we created would make me very proud.”

“If it really takes off then seeing Love Lines branch out all over the world would also be incredible.”

“I am so excited about launching Love lines and to get to do it with a friend is even better!”

“To be able to create something that will bring a smile to someone’s face, a little joy to their day, and something that hopefully, couples will treasure forever is the best job in the world!”


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what_is_love, bethany_cadman, love lines, bespoke poems


Thank you to Sophie and Beth for sharing their talents with us today.

From  simple, clean precise drawings that captures the essence of movement and togetherness to heartwarming, fun or humorous words that express what you really want to say, these girls have formed a very special partnership that will see them going far.


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