Luxury Kilts from Bare Knees Kilts for Weddings & Events

Today I am thrilled to showcase the beautiful luxury kilts of Bare Knees Kilts.

Libby Young makes bespoke hand sewn adult kilts, child kilts and baby kilts.

Trained in the traditional Scottish methods of kilt making, a personal and stunning garment is created to be worn for your special day.


Kelvingrove, emma crossan photography
Image ~ Emma Crossan Photography ~


I hand over to Libby to tell you all about the brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hi. I am Libby, and I am a traditional kiltmaker. ”

“I run Bare Knees Kilts, where we make luxury kilts for all ages from newborn to adult.”

“We also provide formal and casual kilt outfits for babies and children up to around age 10.”


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Image ~ Mareike Murray Photography ~


Why, and when did you start the Business?

“I trained to be a kilt maker when I was on maternity leave with my first son, from my previous job as a solicitor.”

“I went back to work part-time, and then when I had my second son in 2009, I set up the business, and have been running it ever since.”

“I have had a third son since then, and so the business has been very much built around whenever I could grab time when the children were otherwise entertained (or asleep!).”

“I started the business for many reasons.”

“Firstly, I have always enjoyed making things and sewing, and have always had an ambition to be my own boss.”

“When I had my first son, I knew that I would prefer to work from home if at all possible, and the kilt making course came up at exactly the right time – three months after Struan was born.”

“The course was based in my home town of Keith, so my parents very kindly helped me out with childcare, whenever my husband couldn’t take time off at the same time as the course was on.”

“The business started very slowly, which is often not the advice given to new businesses – many are encouraged to grow as quickly as they can, however, the slow start has allowed me to learn huge amounts about running a business along the way, while still being able to look after our children.”

“Now that my youngest is at nursery, its wonderful to suddenly have dedicated business only time – a real luxury!”


kelvingrove, bespoke kilts, emma crossan photography, bespoke kilts
Image ~ Emma Crossan Photography ~


Do Trends influence your work?

“I keep an eye on the big kilt companies to see the sort of trends that they bring to groomswear, as many of my customers are looking for outfits for their children, which match the adults in a wedding party.”

“I find with groomswear though, that although there are new products and style appearing, many people prefer to stick to the traditional looks with the Prince Charlie or Charcoal Tweed jackets, and so we stick to those two most popular styles for our hire outfits.”




What is your greatest achievement?

“Personally, the thing that I count as my biggest achievement is that I designed the tartan for Yes Scotland.”

“And then a kilt that I made in that tartan for Alan Cumming (who I am a big fan of) was worn by him draped over his shoulder, in a portrait that is now hanging in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.”

“In general though, one of the things that I enjoy most about the business, is seeing the photos of all my customers at their events, looking fantastic.”

“Much as I love the child and baby side of the business though, as a traditional kilt maker, there is nothing like seeing a 8 metre piece of material being slowly hand sewn into the full garment, and then seeing it swing when the customer tries it on.”

“I think that kilts suit all shapes and sizes, and men look really proud to be wearing one.”


Image ~ Mareike Murray Photography, bare knees kilts, bespoke kilts
Image ~ Mareike Murray Photography ~


What is the future for Bare Knees Kilts?

“As my youngest goes to school in 2016, I have plans for the business for when it is much more a ‘normal’ hours business, but I haven’t quite decided which way to go with it just yet, so I’ll keep that under wraps for now.”

“It’s all exciting and I’m really enjoying the way that the business is growing.”


Image ~ Mareike Murray Photography , bespoke kilts, bare knees kilts
Image ~ Mareike Murray Photography ~


Thank you so much to Libby for sharing her fabulous bespoke kilts.

Tartan and kilts are so intricately interwoven in Scotlands history  and are perfect for the groom, groomsmen, wedding party or those cute little kids, don’t they look adorable.

For the grown ups its also a great long term investment as can’t be worn at many special events.


To Contact Bare Knees Kilts



Phone: 0141 770 4762




Image CreditsMarieke Murray  Photography, Emma Crossan Photography


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