It’s My Magazine – Personalised Magazine – A gift that lasts longer than Flowers

Today I have pleasure to introduce Its my Magazine,  a way to capture life stories and present it within your own personalised  magazine.

They  create everything from It’s My Baby to It’s My Wedding as everyone has a tale to be told.

In the style of a luxury magazine your love story unfolds with interviews, guests profiles and much more.


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With record numbers of people searching for personalised gifts, earn Valentine’s brownie points by gifting a slice of history which lasts longer than flowers.

Despite the usual reliance on predictable Valentine’s Day gifts of lingerie, perfume and chocolates, latest findings reveal that the popularity of personalised gifts are experiencing a sharp increase.

According to recent figures compiled by It’s My Magazine, 74,000 searches are being made per month for that extra special something, an increase of almost 100%, up from 40,500 last year.

Romantic couples are now realising the benefit of planning bespoke love tokens which have true meaning, rather than generic off the shelf last minute purchases.

Consequently It’s My Magazine, the creators of personalised albums in the style of a luxury magazine, have created a unique Valentine’s package to cater for this trend.

 Its my Magazine, Its my wedding, personalised magazine, personalised wedding magazine


Recently shortlisted by the British Council’s Creative Business Cup Awards as one of the UK’s top three most innovative businesses, It’s My Magazine has exploded onto the scene with a unique way of documenting life stories.

As Valentine’s is the season of love, they’ve expanded their offerings from bespoke wedding album magazines to now include beautifully crafted Valentine’s gift magazines for all couples; from life partners to newlyweds and married couples hoping to bring the romance back.

Interestingly enough, men have been reaping the benefits as the recipients of bespoke gifts, with “Personalised gifts for men” averaging 4,400 searches per month as opposed to only 880 searches for “Personalised gifts for women”.


Women are also becoming more imaginative about the types of unique gifts they are giving, with “boudoir” photography gaining in popularity, sensual photo shoots that they are also featuring within their personalised magazines for their partners.

Figures for last year’s pre-Valentine’s boudoir searches increased each month from 6,810 in November 2012 to 10,390 in January 2013, an increase of 53%.

Veronica Cooper, a London based bride reveals; “Having been together for nine years, you soon get stumped trying to top last year’s gift and give the other half something they’ll truly appreciate.”

“A boudoir shoot for me was a great idea as it was tasteful and they really made an effort to put me at ease. As I’d worked out in preparation for the wedding, I was also looking my absolute best, so it’s something we can both enjoy for years to come.”

 Its my Magazine, Its my wedding, personalised magazine, personalised wedding magazine


It’s My Magazine are helping men to even the scores in the romance stakes by enabling them to capture and share their love story within their very own beautiful Valentine’s publication that their partners will treasure forever.

Using a team of professional journalists and designers with real magazine experience, It’s My Magazine combines their pictures and their story.

Creating feature articles and interviews with loved ones, from childhood to their fateful meeting, as little or as much as they’d like included, helping to create a perfect Valentine’s.

This year present your loved one with an It’s My Valentine’s Magazine gift voucher and start chronicling your love story, together.


Thanks to the team at Its my Magazine for sharing their wonderful personalised magazine, its certainly something that will be treasured long after the perfume is gone and the chocolates are eaten.

Sentimental souls who are passionate about capturing history for themselves can enjoy a 20% discount off their very own special It’s My Valentine’s  Magazine commission for a limited time only, using the code ‘ITSMYV14’.


For further information on Its My Magazine 



Phone: 020 3086 8982




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