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Today I am delighted to welcome the fabulous Sarah Broadhurst, and her brilliant enterprise “Miss Cake” to the Blog.

Miss Cake started out as a cake maker, which is obviously where the name and love of cakes came from.  After scoffing one too many cakes Sarah decided to evolve the Miss Cake brand and began by designing unusual laser cut cake toppers.

Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers

I am thrilled to feature Miss Cake on the Blog today, and now I shall hand over to Sarah so she can tell you her story,

Who are you, and what do you do ?

“I am Sarah, also known as Miss Cake! I design and make laser cut cake toppers and other items such as signs and jewellery.”
When and why did you start your Business?

“About 3 years ago I was getting a bit fed up in my job (social work) and had what I call a Thrisis (mid life crisis at 30). Many of my friends seemed to experience this around the same time so I feel this is a common phenomenon!”

“I loved baking so came up with the idea to make cakes for a living, alongside working with my partner Craig in his established pest control business (odd combination I know). The name choice took me a while but once I’d thought of Miss Cake I went for it!”

“So Miss Cake take 1 was a cake making business. It did go well and was starting to take off but I just didn’t enjoy baking for business in the same way that I did for pleasure.”

“I also realised that it is hard to make much money from cakes, it takes a lot of effort compared to what you actually get out of it.”

“I did enjoy working for myself though and I was pleased to have rediscovered my creative side so we needed to come up with a new idea.”

“To cut a long story short we made a random and expensive decision to buy a laser cutting machine so that I could continue on my newly rediscovered creative journey!”

“Craig first came up with idea to make laser cut cake toppers, and Miss Cake (take 2) blossomed from there.”
What inspires you ?
“Bright colours, typography, song lyrics, sunsets, weddings, and planning my own wedding (makes the excitement about other peoples weddings even greater!)”
Do trends have a major impact on your work?

“Yes, to an extent, I do keep an eye on what people are doing for their weddings but I have stuck to my signature design of bright bold colours and designs and luckily people seem to like this!”

Whats your greatest accomplishment ?
“This month I saw my reindeer cake toppers featured in BBC Good Food magazine, and I was very excited to see my product used in a styled shoot and in print.”
Whats the future for your Business?
“It is still relatively early days for Miss Cake and I feel that I am still growing.”

“I hope to carry on making cake toppers, and adding to my collection of designs and to think of another new product idea (which still hasn’t come to me!). We hope to move to bigger premises so that we can grow the business next year.”
“I am so pleased to have entered the wedding industry as there are so many lovely suppliers out there and although I work alone I feel like I have virtual colleagues all over social media!”

“There is a lot of good choice out there and I am so pleased to have found this before my own wedding – I am getting married in February in Sri Lanka.”

Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers

Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers

Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers

Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers

Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers

Miss Cake - Laser Cut Cake Toppers


To Contact Miss Cake

Website: http://www.misscake.co.uk/

Email: sarah@misscake.co.uk

Phone: 01273  514 802

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MissSarahCake

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MissSarahCake


Thanks to Sarah for sharing her work on the Blog today.

Once again I would like to extend my Congratulations to Sarah and Craig on their Engagement.

I really love the boldness and bright colour of the designs..

They make a real style statement and would be a real talking point at any Wedding or Event.

Its great to have the diversity in the Wedding Market where there is something for everyone and Miss Cakes products certainly have something to say…

Sarah would like to extend a 15% Discount for Plans and Presents Readers when using the code CRIMBO.  Apply to the shopping cart at checkout for 15% off anything in the Christmas range.



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