Modern, Feminine & Contemporary Bridal Gowns – The Elizabeth Stuart Spring 2015 Collection

Today I am thrilled to share the modern, feminine and contemporary bridal gowns from UK Designer Elizabeth Stuart and showcase her stunning Spring 2015 Collection.

Elizabeth steps outside of the box of ordinary bridal designs presenting a creative vision where future meets fairytale and falls in love.

Her breathtaking romantic designs place full emphasis on the beauty of the female body, and are something special for the sophisticated contemporary bride to be.

Images were captured by Jessica Withey Photography with a fabulous collaborative team.


elizabeth_stuart_bridal, bliss_playsuit_set_with_long_tulle_skirt, image-Jessica-Withey-Photography


The most delicate of French laces, sumptuous silks and opulent embellishment adorn Elizabeth Stuart’s breathtaking Spring 2015 Collection.

With gowns inspired by and named after the many heartfelt emotions felt by a bride on her most magical of days, this collection captures all the feelings of love, endearment and joy that are experienced when a bride and groom come together as one.

Elizabeth Stuart’s modern yet feminine gowns combine the finest fabrics, with the most elegant of bridal designs.

Through the use of delicate Chantilly lace and the softest tulle, this collection will ensure that a bride looks and feels like the most perfect and beautiful version of themselves.

The delicate sweetheart necklines and tulle draped skirts will grace a bride’s feminine curves, and bring to light the glow and happiness that she radiates on her special day.

The ethereal gold and nude crepe silks will look striking as she makes her grand entrance, with the exquisite sparkle detailing causing admiring glances from those who have the pleasure of laying eyes on this most beautiful bride.

When an Elizabeth Stuart bride reminisces in years gone-by, all her special memories will seem like yesterday, as her feelings of happiness and wonder towards her wedding day, will be ever present in her heart.




elizabeth_stuart, lily-gown, Image-Jessica-Withey-Photography


Bella with soft Tulle Veil


elizabeth_stuart-bridal, bella_and_soft_tulle_veil, image-jessica-withey-photography




elizabeth_stuart-bridal, farrah-gown, image-jessica-withey-photography




elizabeth_stuart-bridal, hannah-gown, -image-jessica-withey-photography




elizabeth-stuart-bridal, mabel-gown, -image-jessica-withey-photography

elizabeth-stuart-bridal, mabel-gown, image-jessica-withey-photography




elizabeth-stuart-bridal, rosemary-gown, image-jessica-withey-photography


Bliss Playsuit


elizabeth-stuart-bridal, bliss_playsuit, image-jessica-withey-photography


Bliss Playsuit with Short Tulle Skirt


elizabeth-stuart-bridal, bliss_playsuit_set_with_short_tulle_skirt, image-jessica-withey-photography


Bliss Playsuit with Long Skirt


elizabeth-stuart-bridal, bliss_playsuit_set_with_long_skirt, image-jessica-withey-photography


Bliss Playsuit with Long Tulle Skirt


elizabeth_stuart-bridal, bliss_playsuit_set_with_long_tulle_skirt, image-Jessica-Withey-Photography



Rosemary and Bliss Playsuit with Long Tulle Skirt


elizabeth-stuart-bridal, rosemary_and_bliss_playsuit_with_long_tulle_skirt, image-jessica-withey-photography


Thank you to the Elizabeth for allowing me to share her wonderful 2015 contemporary bridal Collection.

If you are looking for a Bridal gown that is fresh and contemporary, with luxurious skirts, soft feminine structured bodices, sleek design and is just totally dreamy and romantic, then Elizabeth Stuart should be on your Bridal radar.


Shoot Credits

Photography: Jessica Withey Photography

Flowers: Amie Bone Flowers

Make-up: Pamela and Andrea Make-up

Hair: Claire Nicole

Models Megan Davis and Lauren Bazergui


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