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Today I am excited to welcome Music Wedding Videos to the Blog to chat a little about Marryoke and the alternative wedding video experience that can bring to the Wedding Day.

Marryoke is a trend within the wedding industry which involves participants miming and performing a song of their choice.

The footage is usually shot on the wedding day although it is not an activity exclusive to weddings.

Once filmed, the footage is edited together so that it appears as if the participants are performing the song themselves.

The phrase Marryoke is a play on the word karaoke due to their similarities; however a marryoke involves no actual singing from the participants being included in the final edit as the participants singing is lip synced to the original artist in editing.

Marryoke is becoming popular as a form of wedding entertainment fun for guests.



I previously shared a Supplier Spotlight on the team way back in 2012 but today I want to share some of their recent work…


They say… “To us, a Music Wedding Video (also known as a Marryoke) is about making the happy couple the stars of their own music video on their big day!”

“Everyone has thought at least once in their life about what it would be like to be in a music video, so why not do it on your special day; when you’re looking great, had a few drinks and feeling like a star?”

“Music Wedding Video’s team are non-intrusive so we do not take up the bride and groom’s day.”

“Having a Marryoke video is contemporary and moves away from having to watch a 3 hour-long wedding video, shot by your shaky handed uncle.”

“We try to encourage everyone to appear on the camera in some capacity either singing, dancing, or just waving and smiling.”

“We then cut it MTV style to produce a fast paced, interesting Music Wedding Videos which you can show the world via Social Media, mobile phone or on your flat screen TV.”




Thank you so much to the team for sharing some recent work.

Marryoke or a Music Wedding Video is a fantastic idea for those who really don’t want to go down the traditional route but want to pack as much fun into their day as they can whilst still celebrating the special moments.


To Contact Music Wedding Video

Website: or

Phone: 0121 224 7332 or 07572 450 677





Marryoke Description Credit: Wikipedia


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