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Today I am delighted to shine the spotlight on the fabulous Music Wedding Videos.  They are part of a new generation of Wedding Video which offers a little bit of a different slant on capturing a Big Day

Everyone has their own preference whether thats traditional, quirky, do it yourself and I really like the possibilities, the benefits and the outcome of all of these but once in a while something and someone catches your eye.

Kev Bagnall of Music Wedding Videos brought me up to speed on this fabulous Birmingham based business.

Who are you and what do you do ?

Music Wedding Videos provide a unique new take to filming your special day. We make the bride, groom, family and friends; the stars of their own music video.
We film all of the day, and with a little choreography (and a little alcohol) get everyone in some capacity on screen.
We capture the fun of the day in 4-5 minutes along with all the key moments: first kiss, cutting of the cake, first dance (in a montage).
We also offer the traditional wedding with all of the normal conventions, but film it cinematically and take it away from the ‘old school’ shaky camcorder style.”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“We started our company in 2011 after sitting through numerous friend’s and families droll (super long) wedding videos.
We had seen some of the amazing choreographed videos from across the pond and thought, why not?”

What inspires you ?

“Inspiration has hit us on so many levels even in this short amount of time. We want the couples to have as much fun, and remember their day for many years. They can instantly show people on their phones or on their computers their big day, without having the old fashioned stigma of getting people round for hours on end.”

“It also has a certain coolness to the final outcome. We embrace how cheesy the idea is and use that to our advantage by pushing it over that line, in to cool territory.”

“Another inspiration for us, now that we are in the industry, is just how friendly and supportive the whole wedding industry is.
We were pleasantly surprised about how positive people are and the warm welcome we received. This has inspired us to work hard to network, and help others the way they have helped us thus far.”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“My favourite assignment so far has got to be Dan and Gemma Brock’s wedding (Black eyed Peas – Dirty Bit) for a number of reasons.
It was our first company video shot, which made it special.”

“The couple have been close friends of mine for numerous years and some of my favourite people were there, therefore making the process a little easier. But most of all because we can see how much fun and enjoyment was been had on the day. We purposely shoot the videos as a kind of fly on the wall. This way people’s reactions and happiness are genuinely real, which conveys throughout.”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“Our greatest achievement so far professionally, was been given the honour of filming the backstage awards at Wedding Ideas Magazine 2012 Awards.”

“We were extremely chuffed to be invited never mind play such a key role in it, and we were happy with the outcome.
We met lots of wonderful people who are continuously working hard in the industry and even got to have a go on the famous giraffe luge.”

Whats the future for your Business ?

“I am confident that we will continue to enjoy contributing to weddings up and down the country for many years to come. We love what we do and hope to meet many more friends along the way. And who knows, maybe WE will be the ones been interviewed next year for the awards :)”


Dan and Gemma

Becky and Jon

Mark and Gemma

Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards 2012 Backstage


Thanks so much to the Kev and the team for sharing their story. I am confident they will be massive in 2012 and I really enjoyed watching their work, as I hope you do too.


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