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Today I am very excited to welcome Gemma of Names Illustrated to the Blog and spotlight on her Bespoke Name Paintings.

Gemma Davies has spent many years painting people’s names and decorating them with their lives and loves. Names Illustrated is home to her bespoke work.




Gemma says of her work “My Mum named me Gemma back in the 60s.  A very unusual name then, it set me on the path of being fascinated by names.”

“My love of watercolour and calligraphy meant that from my earliest days as a new Mum, I was giving hand-painted name paintings as ideal Christening presents.”

“It soon became apparent that people wanted to celebrate every occasion with a name painting and so I have created pieces for other occasions too including – Births, Christening, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Engagement, Wedding, Big Birthdays, Anniversaries and as a Memorial.”





“As Names Illustrated, I take a person’s name and illustrate it with their lives, passions, hobbies and landmark occasions and celebrations.”

“By their very nature, these are completely personal, sometimes taking months to complete and represent the ultimate gift to a loved one.”

“Similarly, they can illustrate the intertwining of two lives either using both first names, the surname or combining the initials.”




“The process is very simple.”

“Start an email and brain dump all that comes to mind when you think about the Bride and Groom.”

“The most meaningful paintings come from combining the big details of sports and hobbies and locations with silly details like favourite dinner and secret dates and odd little sayings.  This is the starting point.”

“So whether you are the proud parents looking for a very special way to celebrate your daughter’s Wedding, or you are the Bride and Groom and want to give something back to your parents as an ultimate thank you, its a wonderful gift.”

“More  examples and lots of inspiration can be seen at Names Illustrated.  Prices range from £200 – £1000.”


Almost off the Peg

“You know that you need to thank the bridesmaids and page boys for their contribution to your Wedding celebration.  Perhaps you are underwhelmed by trinkets which you know they will most probably lose by the end of the day……..”

“Well at Names Illustrated we have  the answer.  I spent almost 2 years developing the Clever Letter alphabet which is a super-alliterative set of letters illustrated with images that begin with that letter.” 

“Children love the tongue-twisting letters and phonetic fun of their names spelled out in Clever Letters.” 

“I can now create each name in double quick time.  So if you are looking for an unusual gift that won’t break the bank, then one of my limited edition prints and canvases supplied exclusively via More than Words is the way to go.”





“These will not be lost or consigned to the attic, but will be a treasured reminder of  a little ones role on your special day.”

“The Prints and Canvases can be annotated with a Thank You message or the date of the Wedding or their Birthday, it is up to each individual client.”


I love the uniqueness of these lovely designs, so creative. Bespoke name paintings are something I have never seen before and they are veritable eye candy drawing you into the detail.

Art is very en vogue as a Wedding Gift at the moment, and a way to add a touch of class to a Wedding Day or be a wonderful lasting reminder for a little flowergirl or page boy or member of the wedding party.


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    Thank you Alison for the lovely write up. It is a real buzz to be featured on your blog. It is perfectly timed for the launch of my prints and canvases via @morethanwordart. Lisa is such a professional – I trust her with my work. Thanks again for your genuine support! Xxx

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