Nicholas McDonald ~ Wedding Singer for your beautiful Big Day

Today I am excited to welcome Nicholas McDonald to the Blog, and spotlight on his venture as a Wedding Singer as well as recording artist.

On a day as special as your wedding day music can play a huge part and Nicholas has a unique talent to bring to your celebration.

Be it a certain song played as you walk down and back up the aisle, a specific set list of songs to be played during the drinks reception , or for that all important  party in the evening….

Nicholas McDonald, Wedding Singer, X Factor Finalist

I spoke to Nicholas about his work…


You are pretty well known across the country but to those that’s don’t know you, can you introduce yourself…

“Hi, my name is Nicholas McDonald and for those who don’t know me, I was the runner up on the 10th series of The X Factor in 2013.

“Being diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome in my childhood could make some people give up on life, but not me.”

“I needed to find another way to release all my energy but not actually exert myself.”

“My mum kept going on about singing, but I just kept saying no because singing was for girls and nobody I knew did it…..except for girls.”

“But she didn’t give up after hearing me singing around the houseall the time, and after a year and a half I finally gave it a go.”

“I still thought it was for girls but it got to a point where I didn’t have anything else I could do because of my heart condition so I thought why not.”

“It was Angels by Robbie Williams that actually made me think I actually wanted to be a singer.”

“It is such an incredible song”, along with Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On and Mariah Carey’s Hero.”

“These were the songs that my mum played around the house but they all just made me want to sing.”

“And although my first performance might not have been the big deal most singers crave, my sister Antonia’s first birthday party was the perfect place for me to perform, even if it was My Heart Will Go On!”

“A sneaky arrangement (by my Mum) with the school head teacher about me performing at the Leavers Day concert of primary school, was a risk worth taking.”

“It was soooo embarrassing but everyone seemed to love it.”

“Signed up by my head teacher, Britain’s Got Talent followed, where as a 12 year old I made it to the semi finals.”

“But it was an encouraging word from Simon Cowell that made ME finally give singing a proper go a few years later…”

“Hop, skip and a Flying Without Wings later, and as a 17 year old I made it to the final of The X Factor with Sam Bailey and Luke Friend.”

Nicholas McDonald, Wedding Singer , X Factor Finalist

What encouraged you to explore the Wedding Market?

“Weddings are something we have always got enquiries for and it’s something I have always wanted to get involved in and I think that now is right time to pursue it even more.”

Do you have a particular set list or is it completely bespoke to each couple

I don’t have a particular set list for weddings as each event is different and every couple is different.”

“I have a large range of different songs and cover most genre’s of music.”

“It’s all about making the happy couple’s day that little bit more special for them.”

Nicholas McDonald , Wedding Singer , X Factor finalist

Who inspires you in the Music Industry?

“My biggest influences in my music have definitely been Robbie Williams, One Direction and Beyonce.”

What is your favourite song to sing and what does it mean to you?

“That is a really hard question!”

“I don’t really have a favourite song to sing. I have loads of songs that I like singing and it depends on what mood I’m in or what the occasion is.”

What geographical area do you cover?

“I actually cover all over the world for Weddings or Events!”

“I’ve had enquiries from Scotland to Spain, England to Egypt!”

Nicholas McDonald , Wedding Singer, X Factor finalist

Thank you so much to Nicholas for talking to me today.

I have followed his journey so its amazing to see his career progress and the good things yet to come.

If you are thinking of having Nicky perform on your Big Day you can see him at these Events.


I also want to share one of my favourite Nicholas performances  – Angel



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