Opulencia ~ An Artisan baking & Sugarcraft Baking Bible from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on Elizabeth Solaru, legendary cake designer and founder of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, who has just published “Opulencia” –  a stand out baking bible that showcases some of  her most dazzling creations.


opulencia, baking book, elizabeths cake emporium


Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium is recognised as one the best cake companies in the UK.

The company creates beautifully handcrafted cakes that are adorned with the most realistic edible jewellery, sugar flowers, lace, pearls and gems.

Their creations have been featured in numerous national and international blogs and publications, and clients include British, European and Middle Eastern Royalty, celebrities and high net worth individuals.


opulencia, baking book, elizabeths cake emporium


Elizabeth has appeared on the BBC Good Food Channel, BBC Radio and Sky Living as a cake expert.

She is also a regular on Sky TV being the only three times winner of The Great Cake Bake, a show which featured the best wedding cake makers in the country.

Winner of the Best Cake Designer award, she is a star speaker, competition judge and host on The Cake and Bake Show and will be judging the Championnat de France de Cake Design, the French cake championships.

Elizabeth is in demand as a sugarcraft expert and has appeared on Sky Living’s “Who’d Be a Billionaire” and her cakes will be appearing in the remake of the film, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” by Sony Columbia Pictures.


Opulencia, baing book, elizabeths cake emporium


To celebrate 10 years of making exquisite cakes, Elizabeth has written Opulencia, a mostly inspirational book, showcasing some of her favourite creations from over the years.

With cake designs ranging from dreamy lace cakes to the most decadent and lavish baroques, there is something here for everyone.

Set to be a sugarcraft classic, it is packed with inspiration, tips and ideas for constructing sugar flowers, ingredient selection, cake design considerations plus invaluable advice for rescuing a split ganache or curdled buttercream!

Opulencia is a tour-de-force of artisan baking and sugarcraft and an inspiration to aspiring cakers and seasoned professionals alike.


Opulencia, baking book, elizabeths cake emporium


If you are a lover of cake like me, its a dream come true, a delicious mouthwatering book that takes you on a journey from beginnings as an 11 year old in her mums kitchen to the dizzy heights that Elizabeth has now reached.

An incredibly instructive book it gives precise, clear information from equipment you need, to techniques to the best ingredients and how best they are used.

Its so beautiful to look at, and the stunning and luxurious purple cover opens up with tips on getting started on the most simple of recipes to the creation of the most stunning complex design.

It really is an inspiration to the next generation of cake artists.


opulencia, baking book, elizabeths cake emporium


This gorgeous hardback book can be purchased here


To Contact Elizabeths Cake Emporium

Website: http://elizabethscakeemporium.com/

Email: info@elizabethscakeemporium.com

Phone: 07958069116

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Cake Designer: Elizabeths Cake Emporium Book Images: Nek Vardikos of NV Photographers  Book Design: Spiffing Covers 



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