Paper origami bouquets and paper handmade origami jewellery from The Origami Boutique

Today I am thrilled to kick off the week with a spotlight on The Origami Boutique who create Paper origami bouquets and Fine silver and paper handmade origami jewellery for special occasions.





I hand over to Cathy to tell you all about her Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Cathy and this is my story. I’m an origami artist.

I love folding paper through the ancient art of origami and since November 2012 I’ve been bringing origami into people’s lives through The Origami Boutique.

My initial offer was water resistant origami jewellery but nowadays I’ve expanded the range and you’ll find fine silver origami jewellery, paper origami bouquets and wedding gifts.


When and why did you start your Company?

Back in 2012 I found myself jobless without a warning.

The architecture firm I had been working for the past year and a half went under and I took the chance to reassess my priorities.

Working long hours had never put me off but for almost a year I hadn’t really been happy in my job.

The opportunity was there and what had been a hobby since I was a kid all of the sudden looked very appealing to pursue as a business.

I didn’t think twice and The Origami Boutique started.

Although I can’t remember what was the first thing I ever folded, I remember perfectly when I started folding paper into jewellery.

It was one of those days when nothing you have seems to go well with what you want to wear.

I was still at university and getting ready for a night out. I decide to try and do something wearable. I always had scraps of paper around so my first go at jewellery was making a brooch!

Being so proud of it I wore it all the time and soon was doing pieces for friends and family.


What inspires you?

If in the beginning I would use scraps of plain paper, newspapers and magazines with time, and specially after starting the company, my paper collection has been growing exponentially and I look like a kid on Christmas morning when I visit a paper shop.

Often that’s exactly where I find much of my inspiration, looking at the patterns and imagining what they can become.

Other times day to day life, funny occurrences or even unfortunate accidents are the motor for a new piece.


Do trends influence your Work?

Naturally I keep an eye on trends as colours and shapes are a source of inspiration but I try to create products that will last beyond the latest trend.


What is your greatest achievement?

My biggest achievement is and will always be a happy client.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing I created exactly what they wanted.

Either it is a wedding bouquet or a piece of jewellery I get really thrilled when I get that email saying “Thank you, it just arrived and it’s perfect”

That being said in the last year I’ve been very fortunate and have achieved “a few things” I’m very proud of.

I was top 4 finalist on the BridalNext! awards under the accessories category at A Most Curious Wedding Fair and in June at the Wedding Expert Awards I was the winner of the “Most Popular Bouquet Designer” category in the UK and worldwide.

More recently I was invited by Kat Williams from Rock n Roll Bride to supply a few giant flower bouquets for a photo shoot for the launch of her new collection with Crown and Glory.

I also started to stock a few shops such as Made Closer in Ringwood, Things British at St Pancras Station and We Make London at Camden Lock Market in London which I’m very proud of.


What do you see as the future of your Company?

With the recognition of my work on the wedding industry I plan to continue expanding the bridal range as I feel very honoured of being part of a couples special wedding day.

For the future I hope to continue growing and expanding but always staying involved in the creative and production process as the handmade nature of the products is the core and soul of what I offer.









Thank you so much to Cathy for sharing her lovely paper origami bouquets.

So striking and bold and perfect for the alternative Bride and those that want something that want something a little different and a keepsake for the future.


To Contact The Origami Boutique



Phone: 0777 30 42 787




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