Paper Petal ~ Beautiful Bespoke Papercuts for Wedding, Family and Home

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the work of Paper Petal who create beautiful Bespoke Papercuts for Weddings, Family and Home.

I was recently gifted an exquisite piece of artwork that for now is under wraps as its a gift but I’m so pleased with it.

The brand is based in Chester.

I hand over to Mel and Graham to tell us all about their amazing Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

We are Paper Petal, a bespoke paper cutting service for those who want personalised art to fit in their living room, kitchen, hallway or any room of the house.

Why did you start your Business?

We created Paper Petal after searching for a wall decal for our first baby’s nursery.

As we wanted the gender of our first born to be a surprise, we had to find a decal that would suit a boy or girl.

Being fussy people, our online search unfortunately didn’t uncover any designs that was just perfect, so we decided to design our own.

We sketched out various designs onto large paper, and cut them out.

After adding more detail and getting the design ’just right’ we then applied adhesive and attached it to the wall. So that’s what we did, and that is how we discovered a secret hidden talent.

A close friend saw the wall decal and wanted a special design creating for their nursery, whilst our grandparents asked for a paper cutting that included family portraits and names that could be hung on a wall in their house.

After numerous other requests from friends and family, we decided to create a website to showcase the paper cutting designs which soon grew in popularity resulting in requests such as wedding venue scenes, pet and people portraits, famous phrases, to romantic paper anniversary designs, all leading to the creation of Paper Petal.

Paper Petal has been running for several years now and we continue to enjoy designing and cutting paper for many special occasions.

Many of our pieces have precious stories behind them.

Because of the privacy and sensitivity for some of our bespoke paper cut art designs we are unable to share all of them, but we can however share a few stories.

One paper cut request we had came from a young man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. The Tate Modern was a special place which meant a lot to both of them and therefore he asked for a scene of the London Tate Gallery including a skyline of famous London architecture in the background.

The personalised touch was to have a man knelt down in front of a lady in front of the bridge leading up to the Tate Gallery.

His intention was to wrap up the art piece up and present it to his other half outside the Tate Gallery which would be followed by the actual proposal of marriage to the beautiful girl. The result was a success along with the proposal happily being accepted.

Another thoughtful paper cutting request came from a teacher in a African Village near Gambia.

The teacher asked for a number of famous phrases from past successors to be illustrated for his class room. The intention was to inspire the young generation to become their vision, working hard to make their dreams a reality.

This of course was a challenging set of paper cuts that would hopefully inspire generations to come, and therefore lots of ideas, communication, and tweaks to sketches where made before settling on the perfect designs to be mounted on the school walls.

It was a touching request which gave us a lovely feeling that the artwork would be used as inspiration for youngsters.

Many requests that come in to Paper Petal entail lots of design thought, and personalisation, to ensure the piece is ideal for capturing a persons special moments in life.

From bespoke paper cuts for special wedding days, to portraits of past loved ones, we try to deliver peoples visions and respect every change they wish to make, ensuring the design is perfect before the scalpel even touches the paper.

We tend to create designs around the individual and therefore don’t tend to stick to a specific style or get influenced by modern trends. Every bespoke piece is tailored to the theme or character of the individual.

We also design pieces that can be personalised more quickly for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries, child births, and family trees for when people that may have some time restraints that prevents one off commissions.

What do you love most about your Job? what inspires you?

The most exciting aspect of working on Paper Petal Crafts is hearing the personal stories people request to be interpreted in their designs.

This brings the art to life and makes the finished papercut feel extra special when delivering the final piece to the customer.

It is wonderful to make friendships with returning visitors and pushing the detail in each piece to match to their vision.

It is heart warming to often here peoples responses of the art exceeding their expectations. This is what inspires us most to continue create detailed pieces that fulfil customers visions.

Do you have a favourite wedding style?

As a married couple our tastes are often similar, so when picking our own wedding style we both fell in love with the vintage era of the 1960,s.

In particular the graphic style of silent film.

What do you love most about your Job?

We love designing, and equally love paper cutting as it requires immense concentration and patience that allows you to focus on the task to hand and clearing your mind of worries life can often throw at you.

What do you do in your chill time/perfect day off?

A perfect day is spending time with our 4 year old and 7 year old.

If we could relive a time in the past or choose to stay a specific age then it would certainly be 4 when your only worry is how long you can stay up and play.

The joy and laughter of a 4 year old immediately shows how fun life is, with no concerns of money and an abundance of imagination.

What is your greatest achievement?

This is an easy one, raising two lovely and caring children.

What do you see as the future of your Company?

As for the future of Paper Petal, we wish to continue to make people delighted whilst sharing more designs for inspiring budding crafters to take up the art of paper cutting.


Below are a few examples of our Wedding Venue Papercut commissions…

Many are created by combining a number of photographs into a single wedding scene, forming a natural collage.

All scenes are designed first to ensure the customers are happy with the scene before any paper cutting takes place.

I collaborated with Paper Petal and reviewed one of their products.

Customer service was faultless, queries were answered quickly and delivery was speedy.

The papercut I received as a gift came complete in a lovely light wood frame, and I was quite literally blown away at how the concept I asked for came together in the final product.

The craftmanship was exceptional and it was beautifully wrapped too.

Such a memorable and thoughtful gift for all your celebrations or just as a wonderful keepsake.


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*Gifted Papercut Art by Paper Petal *


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