Party Pickles – Creating Lasting memories with Party Inspiration in a Box

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Party Pickles, a company aiming to create lasting memories with party inspiration in a box.

There is no doubt that every parent wants the very best for their children, especially for their birthday.  

A birthday party is not only the celebration of another year older but it’s the creation of a memory in time. 

The one thing that Party Pickles knows is that in this busy world  the one thing we as parents struggle with the most is time.

So it’s this, coupled with a passion for parties and little people that has inspired  Emma Collins to create Party Pickles, a Party in a Box.  




I had a wee chat with Emma,


Who are you and what do you do ?

“I am Emma,  a 37 year old mother to Max (9) and Ruby (6) and expecting another little one in September!”

“I have worked in Marketing and Events within the corporate world for over 15 years after doing my degree in the United States in the 90’s.”

“I have always loved putting on a good event, whether for work or for a personal social occasion or indeed for my children.”

“There’s something quite rewarding about seeing a concept developed in your mind come to life as well as to see other’s enjoy your creation!” 
“After battling with being a full time working mother and the pressures that come with a demanding corporate job in Marketing, I decided to take redundancy in December of 2012 and set something up on my own.”

Why, and when did you start your Business?

“The idea of a Party in a Box came from my love of parties but also knowing how hard it is to pull your child’s party together whilst juggling all the things that us mother’s have on our long daily list!”

“Party Pickles was born in March 2013 with 5 core themes: Lavender Fairy Party, Pirate Party, Vintage Tea Party, Vintage Circus Party and The Little Man Party.”

“Everything you need to deliver a very special party is all included in the box.”

“From hand crafted bunting, table runner and accessories for each child, to a bespoke cupcake stand, invites, thank you cards, themed piñata and game, filled party bags, balloons, plates,cups and napkins.”

 What Inspires you ?

“On a personal note, I am inspired by my children and the quest to give them a good and happy childhood as well as the drive to try and succeed for myself and not for a big corporate brand.”

“Professionally, I take inspiration for the themes that I create from traditional and in some regard, old fashioned values.”

“Children seem to grow up so fast these days and it saddens me sometimes to see how much they are exposed to at such an early age.”

“My intention was always to create parties that are colourful, vibrant and most of all provide the opportunity for children to be innocent, carefree and allowed to explore their own imaginations.”


Greatest achievement….

“This is quite a thought prevoking question!  The experience of setting up a business, redundancy, financial strain, combined with pregnancy over the last 9 months has taught me that planning your life is so very different to planning an event!”

“In short, you can’t plan your life and every achievement along the way can seem like the greatest and every low point can seem like the worst, but my conclusion, and apologies if this sounds corny, would be that life is a pretty good achievement as long as you embrace every step along the way!”


Whats the future for Party Pickles?

“I feel Party Pickles has the potential to be really great!  We have just introduced a beautiful Baby Shower in a Box to coincide with the imminent Royal arrival and will be introducing new children’s party themes over the next few months.”

“We are also partnering with a bouncy castle and outdoor games specialist and have introduced a beautiful gingerbread section to our website as a fantastic alternative to sweets.”

“Our aim is to be the place to come for a children’s party if you want something a bit different, that stands out from the run of the mill and above all provides a lasting special memory for the children as well as their parents.” 
“There’s no end to where it could go, however the challenge as any new business will know is keeping the momentum up, getting awareness out there with a very limited budget and competing with established  brands.”


Vintage Tea Party


IMG_3984 2[1]


Lavender Fairy Party




Pirate Party




Little Man Party




Vintage Circus Party




Thanks so much to Emma for sharing her story. The boxes are certainly jam packed with fun and a great way to theme your little ones special day.

I particularly love the Vintage Tea Party, and can imagine a crowd of little ones with smudged lipstick and tottering in high heels and munching on cake.


To Contact Party Pickles



Phone: 01905 412981




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