Patchwork – A different concept for the Gift List

Today I am really excited to spotlight on the fabulous Gift List, Patchwork.

Patchwork lets friends come together to fund one gift that’s really wanted – piece by piece.

By creating and sharing a Patchwork you get to show the one big gift you want to fund broken down into a patchwork of smaller, individually priced pieces.

Friends and family then get to choose which particular piece of the present they want to pay for – depending on what they can afford and which bit takes their fancy.


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I hand over to Olivia Knight to get the lowdown…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Olivia and I’m the Founder of Patchwork.”

“Our site is a cash gift registry designed for couples getting married who don’t want to celebrate their love with spoons, napkins and other department store stuff.”

“Whether it’s a piece of art, your honeymoon or something special for the home, Patchwork Present lets friends and family get together to buy you one big wedding gift – piece by piece.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“The idea for Patchwork was an accident really.”

“It started out as a website I created to fund my own honeymoon and it sort of grew from there.”

“But I suppose what really excited me about the potential of the idea was that it was a business that wasn’t trying to sell people stuff.”

“Our purpose is really simple: it’s to give people a platform to come together and help each other get the things they really want and need – and not the stuff they don’t.”

“People using our site can collect money globally to spend locally. What they choose to buy, how, when and where, well that’s up to them.”

“We launched 8 months ago. Although, as my Nan has helpfully pointed out, the concept behind our site is “not a new idea. It’s a whip round” and she’s right.”

“It’s just more secure and efficient and also more creative, personal and fun that throwing some cash in a hat!”


What inspires you?

“Other people I meet who are doing amazing things, my kids, my husband. Cheese.”


Do trends influence your work?

“Our website isn’t really designed for people who follow trends.”

“The couples who use our site tend to have their own style.”

“They are people who know what they want and they use our site because it allows them to express themselves and their ideas in their own way.”

“I don’t think we’ve massively influenced by trends but we’re definitely inspired by our users.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Raising happy kids and building a healthy business.”


What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“Like I said, I designed the site as an alternative wedding list and this is how most people use the site.”

“But we’re seeing more and more parents using our site to group-fund a big gift for a child, students using it to ask family to help fund a gap year and friends using it to organise surprise birthday presents.”

“Whatever the occasion, our ambition is to help people get together to give and keep unwanted gifts out of landfill.”


Below are some examples of how Patchwork gift lists could come together….


Buying a House


house-deposit, patchwork present, alternative gift list


Spanish Honeymoon


spanish-honeymoon, ppatchwork present, alternative gift list


Rainforest Adventure


rainforest-adventure, patchwork present, alternative gift list


New York Honeymoon


nyc honeymoon, patchwork present, alternative gift list


World Travel


world-travel, patchwork present, alternative gift list


Thank you so much to the Patchwork Team for sharing their work.

Its always great to have different options as so many couples have started lives together prior to their Big Day and  traditional gift lists are not as appropriate.

This gives great flexibility, choice and customisation to each individual couple, and as Olivia says the service extends to other occasions too making it a doubly fantastic option.


To Contact Patchwork Present



Phone: 020 8617 8487

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