The PEARL Wedding Gown Collection from Daalarna Couture

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on Daalarna Couture, a Hungarian based fashion house and their PEARL Wedding Gown collection which shall soon premiere at London Couture Fashion Week.


 PEARL Wedding Gown Collection, Daalarna Couture, Images by Papp Schneider


A sensual appearance for an unforgettable occasion is the idea reflected in the creations of fashion designer, Anita Benes.

However, those, who know Anita better and wear her dresses, usually emphasize their femininity and timeless elegance.

Gripping figures, alluring fabrics and passionate tones of colour characterise her creations.

Her main profile includes evening garments and wedding dresses, however, her philosophy goes far beyond simple aristocratic concepts.




The Daalarna brand was dreamt up by fashion designer Anita 12 years ago.

Designing mainly evening wear and wedding apparel, Daalarna has grown to become a market leader in Hungary, Europe.

Daalarna is the country’s first fashion house representing forward looking design trends.




It is characterized by a clean and refined appearance, harmonizing hues, production methods pursuant with the highest quality expectations, and unique designs.

Anita Benes reflects this ideal with her collections, and those who know and wear her attire, speak of their feminine details and timeless elegance.

Her work is characterized by exciting forms, alluring materials and passionate colors.

She freely mixes hand crafted traditional dress making with the newest styles, emotions and values.




Anita says…”We are proudly introducing the long-waited new PEARL  collection of DAALARNA.”

“This exciting wedding gown collection was inspired by late 19th century Paris and timeless femininity.”

“We pursued amazing vintage style fabrics to bring the sophisticated elegance of the late 19th century era into each of the PEARL gowns.”

“The collection received its name “PEARL” to imitate this exquisite jewel’s flawless beauty.”

“You see beautiful Swarovski pearls appear on the gowns giving everlasting elegance to Daalarna brides.”

“The gracefulness of pearls harmonizes with the often times bold style of the collection.”




“The PEARL collection is dominated by this intriguing duality: many of the gowns are bold and striking while others are delicate and charming.”




“In 2015, the Daalarna bride is wearing full-length romantic lace gowns embellished with Swarovski pearl necklaces.”

“Her exquisite look is completed by a fun loose hair bun and she charms her audience with playful flirtation and natural beauty.”












































Thank you to the brand for sharing their beautiful fashion forward wedding gown collection, couture with a bit of an edge.


You can see their exclusive bridal and evening collection  at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Knightsbridge, London at 6pm on the 6th February 2015.

To register, please send an email to or register your details at


Image Credits

Photographers: Eva Papp & Zoltan Schneider PappSchneider

Dresses: Daalarna Couture


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