Petite Margaux ~ Handmade Bridal jewellery inspired by timeless style

Today it is my pleasure to spotlight on Petite Margaux, a collection of  handmade Wedding, Occasion and Bridal jewellery inspired by the simplicity of timeless style.

All pieces are designed with the modern bride in mind and are handcrafted with impeccable detail in Portland, Oregon.


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I hand over to Elizabeth Higgins to tell you all about the Brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I’m Elizabeth – a formally trained designer (landscape architect) turned jewelry maker living in Portland, Oregon with my husband and young son.”

“I am the owner/designer/maker at – a collection of bridal, wedding and occasion jewelry inspired by the simplicity of timeless style.”

“I still have my day job – but there is light at the end of that tunnel to go full time!”


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When and why did you start your Company?

“I started Petite Margaux in response to my own exhaustive search for reasonably priced bridal jewellery that wasn’t over-the-top-sparkly or too fairy princess.”

“I was surprised when my online searches for “bridal jewellery” yielded an abundance of extravagant rhinestone pieces that just didn’t resonate with my desire for a more minimal, contemporary look.”

“Growing up, I was a tomboy – never really taking to dolls, dress-up or the even the color pink.”

“I didn’t have the fairytale wedding dream and certainly couldn’t envision myself in a traditional gown with lace and tulle.”

“At the time of my wedding, I was somewhat overwhelmed by bridal fashion and wasn’t quite certain what kind of bride I would become. ”

“Ultimately, my own bridal inspiration evolved to represent timeless, understated elegance (channeling Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in her iconic sheath gown).”

“I was the hair down, light-on-the-sparkle, lets-have-a-party kind of bride.”

“When I saw there was a gap in the market, I took matters into my own hands and started making bridal jewellery.”

“My collection represents an edited selection of bridal/occasion pieces that are elegant yet fresh, and designed to be worn for years to come.”


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What inspires you?

“I’m inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the fashion classics and look for ways to reinterpret traditional materials into pieces that are contemporary and fresh.”


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Do trends influence your work?

“While I certainly advocate style over trend, I do think trends are really valuable in that they give us a way to personalize our style.”

“I’m really liking the softened, more romantic gowns that grace the boards of Pinterest.”

“To complement the ethereal quality of these vintage-inspired gowns, I’m introducing delicate pieces in gold and mixed metals.”

“I’ve also been swooning lately over blush gowns and have some blush pieces on the drawing board.”


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What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement is without a doubt is my little four-year old boy who is super awesome.”

“But, from a professional standpoint – I’m still achieving.”

“When that day job goes, I will have achieved!”


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What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would ultimately love to have small brick and mortar studio/boutique in Portland in addition to the online boutique.”


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Thank you so much to Elizabeth for sharing her pretty Bridal jewellery.


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