PlanBee – Beethrothed Wedding Packages for sustainable Weddings

Today I am delighted to spotlight on PlanBee and their Beethrothed Wedding Packages for eco friendly, sustainable Weddings,

The brands aim is to create a natural positive impact on your local environment by protecting the bees and creating great Scottish honey.


I had a chat to Warren Bader about his work…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Plan Bee is a source to shelf company. Through our beehive rental and husbandry packages, we are beekeepers for companies and communities throughout the UK partnering with some of the world’s leading brands, small businesses and private individuals.”

“Together we are working to communicate and address the plight of the dwindling honeybee.”

“Where others attempt to counteract we are proactive; giving back to our environment and influencing the marketplace.”

“Our innovative products are available under the Origin Honey or Beehive Brae labels and embrace all that is British.”

“We are dedicated to craftsmanship, provenance and sustainability in the creation of artisanal produce for the betterment of bees.”

“Through our #beetrothed wedding packages we work with couples who wish to share this message.”

“While a wedding is just a day – a very special one – a marriage is statement of devotion for life.”

“We believe through Plan Bee such a statement can go even further and creates an eternal link with our planet.”

“We combine our collective knowhow on community and educational engagement, white label services and of course the finest British honey craftsmanship to create a layered wedding package that encompasses favours, place settings, kids packs and more.”

Why did you start your Company?

“I retreated from a life of film-production to champion the dwindling honeybee populations through crafting the finest UK honey and constant innovation with this British staple.”

“Each Jar or bottle represents support of our movement to protect and preserve honeybee populations, the true founders of this honey, across the UK and beyond. ”

“Honeybees are responsible for pollinating a third of our food, and beyond that the University of Bristol research tells us that they are responsible for pollinating around 80% of all plant species in Europe.”

“So that’s food, air and livestock. All things considered life would be pretty grim without them; yet the University of Reading has found that honeybee populations have declined by more than 50 percent in the last two decades…”

What inspires you?

“Bees; their method of working greatly inspires us dail.”

“Our business is founded on circular economy we break the cycle of manufacture, use and dispose – much like a successful hive.”

“The ingenuity of a working hive isn’t just a marvel it’s a motivation.”

“We’re inspired by the generational shift in thinking and indeed purchasing practices; in a wedding scenario we see this through more and more humanist or sustainable orientated weddings.”

“We can feel the momentum building and that inspires us to put more and more weight behind it.”

Do trends influence your work?

“Trends do influence our work, as a dynamic company it’s important to remain principled but reflexive.”

“However, first and foremost we’re innovators so we like to lead trends and subvert markets.”

“For example, our elderflower and rose infused Mead that scooped the Best Product award at Scotland’s Specialty Food Show is offered in a 330ml serving, lightly carbonated and at less than 6% abv.”

“Yet at its core is a traditional Mead- pure fermented British honey and Scottish water rather than a repurposed wine that more trend following brands utilise to get a product to market quick.”

“Mead is enjoying a comeback not least because of Game of Thrones, but also because traditionally it is associated with wedding gifts and actually is the source of the name ‘Honeymoon’”

“Beyond our produce we also buck consumer trends such as Black Friday, subverting this and creating Black & Yellow Friday, joining a global revolution to use the day to celebrate the planet instead of consumption.”

What is your greatest achievement?

“Put simply increasing the honeybee populace of the UK by over 15 million, introducing over 20,000 UK children to the needs of our delicate environment through the plight of the honeybee and countless more through the thousands of jars of honey, bottles of beer and Honeygar we craft and sell.”

“Along the way, we’ve picked up several awards Our Origin Honey has had great success at the Great Taste Awards; leading organizers the Guild of Fine Food to call Plan Bee and ‘elite UK producer’ however nothing is more satisfactory than delivering our foundational message through engagement or taste.”

As well as honey and beer you have the opportunity to dedicate a hive of honey bees to someone you love giving a  beautiful and meaningful gift.”

“That someone might be your new-born baby, your fiancée or indeed the lucky couple. Or it might be someone, dearly loved, who has passed away.”

“Plan Bee offers you the opportunity to mark and celebrate these significant events and people in your life with such a gift.”

“Alternatively we also offer businesses the opportunity to dedicate a hive to their workforce or customers to show their commitment to the environment.”


Thank you so much to Warren for sharing all about his work and fantastic products which as well as being practical and kind to the environment.

What a great addition your sustainable Weddings to include that little touch of nature.

And also protect and preserve honeybee populations for generations to come.


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    I just love this article my daughter is due to get married in a year or so….. they have only just become engaged and I think this is a fantastic idea for them I will point them in your direction. I’m a member of the bumblebee conservation Trust and so am keen on all things bees.

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    What a lovely idea – something special and unique. Hope to do this for my wedding.

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