Planning of a Vision – The Story of a Cake.

Today I want to share with you the story of a Cake.

I recently came across this incredible creation from Gillian Bremner at Blissful Bakes, and had to find out all about it so we chatted about how it came about.

Blissful Bakes is located in Livingston, West Lothian where they make one-of-a-kind celebration cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes and cake pops for all occasions.

All their cakes are made using high quality ingredients and they only ever use the finest butter and free range eggs which gives delicious tasting high quality cakes which are individually designed.


Gillian says “I was commissioned to create a Wedding Cake for a lovely Winter big Day – Saturday 10th December 2011.”

“The Brief was Hollywood Glamour with a sprinkle of winter chic – A winter themed cake with elements of silver, white and snowflakes to be included. Also a christening cake was required for their daughter as she was being christened at the end of the wedding ceremony and this was to be tied in to the theme somehow.”

“The Bride and Groom searched the internet and sent me some photos of cakes they liked, and as they had previously had some of my cake pops they wanted to also incorporate these into the wedding.”

“To make a start to the Planning stage I then had a look through the internet for ideas and after stumbling upon a picture of a wedding cake that used macarons for the top I suggested trying something like this in a crochembouche style using cake balls.”

“We discussed the fact the cake ball tower would need something to sit on and it was decided it would need to be a rather large cake, which would be white with silver snowflakes .
So I sketched a rough idea and then we discussed the different decorations for the cake balls and the cake pops, again these were chosen in silver and white colours. It was also decided the cake needed to be topped with something rather dramatic and so wires adorned with diamond droplets and diamonte sprigs were decided upon”

“The christening cake was to be silver with a large but very cute polar bear and some sparkly snowflakes adorning it.
Then there were to be cake pops for those at the evening reception to take away in both sparkly silver sugar and sparkly white sugar. The cake pops would be set out at the evening reception buffet in silver buckets which were to be topped with artificial snow, again keeping the theme of the wedding.”

“Next it was trial run time and time again and then realising that if the cake under the cake ball tower was real, there would be way too much cake. So I suggested a fake cake (dummy) under the cake ball tower, which also came with problems as the bride and groom still wanted to be able to cut their cake.”

“This took a bit of ingenuity I must admit as I had to call on the assistance of my hubby to carve a section from the dummy cake then, bake a real cake so a section could be placed in it. Then mark underneath so I knew where it was after it had been iced and decorated it so that I could mark it in a way the bride and groom knew where to cut and also so that it did not look any different to anyone else in any way.”

“It worked and all the planning, preparation and trials was well worth the effort when I received the photographs and a testimonial from the bride.”

Thank You so much to Gillian for sharing what can only be described as Cake Art. Its truly an amazing creation and encompasses the brief completely.

I am sure it will be a talking point for quite some time with the work and artistry put into it.

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